How to Reset ADT Alarm Panel – Checklist and Guide

ADT system

Usually, a common issue with ADT alarm panel users is that they have trouble figuring out how to reset the alarm. There are different ways to reset an ADT alarm system. In general, the user password must be input when resetting an ADT alarm before pressing the shutdown button. This is usually more than enough … Read more

How To Turn Off a Fire Alarm (5+ Easy Steps)

fire alarm

Any dispatcher will agree that the most comment call they get is regarding how to turn off a fire alarm. There is no automatic turn-off function, nor will the device recognize if the fire is already under control. Hence, the sound will continue until someone turns off the alarm. We’ll run through some steps and … Read more

How Long Does The Ring Battery Take To Charge? (Timed)

ring camera doorbell

At present, many people choose battery-powered security systems. The Ring contains different battery-operated surveillance cameras, outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, nanny cams, spycam, and even video doorbell models. You can install these cameras in any place without much hassle. However, one drawback of these battery-powered Ring models is that they can not function when the battery … Read more

How Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need: A Simple Guide

smoke alarm

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the two most common reasons for fires are heating and cooking equipment being set ablaze. A smoke alarm can help detect these fires before they start. All states require one smoke detector in each bedroom, level, and corridor next to living spaces. The total number of smoke alarms … Read more

How to Make a Homemade Driveway Alarm

home driveway

A home entry alarm is a great way to enhance the security of any home in a simple way. Many different entry alarms are available on the market today. For all the people that are a bit more frugal, there is a very efficient way to create a homemade entry alarm. These devices are very … Read more

How to Install a Driveway Alarm


A driveway alarm is one of the most popular devices for home security due to its versatile functionality and easy installation. We will mention the important steps for those who wish to install this device. Before you proceed, you can look at the best driveway alarm in the market this year! And if you’re up … Read more

How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors 15 (Effective) Ways

Garage Door Sensors

Here we will discuss how garage sensors work, how to tell if your garage sensors are bad, and how to bypass garage door sensors so you can open and close the garage door manually. How Do Garage Door Sensors Work? With the continued surge in suburban popularity and the sheer number of garages attached to … Read more

7 Of The Best POE Security Camera System (Reviewed 2023)

FeReolink 4K Security Camera System

Best Budget Best High-End Best Overall Most Features Best 8 MP PoE IP Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience When you’re keeping an eye on your home or office, you need the best surveillance security system. Having an outdoor or indoor IP camera or security system is necessary. You … Read more

7 Best Outdoor Smart Lights (Reviewed 2023)

Sunco Lighting Outdoor Led Flood Light

BEST For Porch Best Indoor/Outdoor Best Overall Best For Front Door Best with Smart Hub Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience Over the years what we are used to in terms of lighting has evolved drastically. We have gone from standard incandescent light bulbs all the way to smart … Read more

3 Best Fake Security Cameras (Reviewed 2023)

A-ZONE L10 Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

Best Value Best Overall Easiest to Install Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience Fake cameras are an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to ward off intruders. I personally have some installed along with some real cameras to make intruders think they’ve come across an impenetrable fortress. In my research … Read more

How to Make Your Alexa Device Louder (4 Way Guide)

two alexa echo dots

Need some tips to make your Alexa device louder? If so, today, we will give you four ways to make your Alexa device louder. There are plenty of things that can reduce the Amazon Echos sound. For instance, noisy housework, casual chatting, and listening to music can greatly reduce your Amazon Echo’s volume.  The Alexa … Read more