How To Clean a Security Camera Lens (5 Simple Steps)

tools for cleaning camera

The cause of most video quality issues is a dirty camera lens. Cleaning your cameras is essential for maintaining the clarity of your image and video output. When cleaning your CCTV lens, be careful not to scratch the unique coating that prevents light reflection. Cleaning lenses with the proper tools and methods is critical. Let’s … Read more

Best Way To Lock A Trail Camera (Expert Guide)

a man and his trail camera

I love hunting, and using a trail camera is one of my favorite ways to get a good look at game without scaring it away. However, open and public trails lead to many issues, and many times, I found myself fuming when someone has stolen my game camera. Lately, I have been using a solution … Read more

DIY Window Security Bars (11 Methods)

windows security bar

With rising burglary cases, we must pull out all the stops to ensure the safety of our homes. One of the most effective ways is by installing security bars. You can make DIY security bars and quickly and easily protect your assets from burglary. While doing this project, the focus is to cover all the … Read more

DIY Trail Camera Security Box (Guide With Images)

trail camera

Trail cameras make capturing wildlife photos simple and fun. You can install them in the woods and let them do the work for you without fear of scaring away wildlife. However, even the sturdiest trail cameras could become exposed to several issues through either damage by an animal, theft, or harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, you … Read more

Safety Items For Home – 18+ Items You Should Own


Did you know that in 2019, 215 lives were lost to fires in homes, not to mention the other accidental deaths that occurred? Research shows that if you don’t have functional safety devices such as smoke alarms in your home, you’re about eight times more likely to lose your life.  Below is a list of … Read more

DIY Door Security Bar (Step by Step Process)

door bar

For most people building a home, security is the number one concern. People want their homes to make them feel safe and secure to tend to their life without worries of any threats. For this reason, the quality of the materials and pieces used to build a house must be top-notch, so it can provide … Read more