How to Hide Infrared Lights on Security Camera (Easy DIY Tricks)

Ever wondered about those tiny, glowing red lights on your security cameras? Well, they’re not just decorative. They’re infrared (IR) lights that help your camera see in the dark. But sometimes, you might want to hide them for various reasons – because of the annoying glare or simply because you don’t want to draw attention to your surveillance setup.

So here’s the deal: I will show you how to hide those pesky infrared lights on your security camera below. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think! We’ll explore some easy-to-follow steps that won’t require a degree in electronics or hours spent tinkering with wires.

Understanding the Need to Hide Infrared Lights

First off, let’s get one thing straight. We’re not talking about turning off these lights. Instead, we’re focusing on masking or making them less visible to the naked eye. But why do this in the first place? Well, those little red lights can be a dead giveaway that you’ve got a camera rolling at night.

And while most folks would argue that’s exactly what they want — a visual deterrent — others prefer a more covert approach to surveillance. They’d rather catch intruders unawares than scare them off with obvious signs of video monitoring.

Evaluating Your Security Camera for Infrared Light Concealment

So, how do you know if your security camera needs its infrared lights hidden? Well, it comes down to your own personal preference and surveillance strategy.

If you believe in showing potential intruders that they’re being watched to deter crime before it happens, then by all means, keep those IR lights shining bright! On the other hand, if you think catching culprits red-handed (or should I say ‘red-eyed’?) is more effective, concealing those pesky little glowing dots might be right up your alley!

But remember – every setup is unique! What works best for one person may not work well for another depending on location, environment, and even local wildlife activity (yes – critters can trigger motion sensors, too!). So, weigh all these factors before deciding whether or not hiding those infrared lights is worth it for you.

How to Hide Infrared Lights

Let’s dive into our DIY tips on how to hide those pesky little things.

Identifying Suitable Materials for Infrared Light Concealment

Firstly, let me walk you through some materials that could do the job. You’re going to need some black electrical tape or darkened plexiglass.

These materials work best because they block visible light and allow infrared light to pass through. That way, your camera can still see in the dark without lighting up like a Christmas tree!

All right then, moving on to the actual process of hiding those lights:

Using Electrical Tape

A person putting a small electrical tape to the security camera lens
Video | Vibrant Deals

Cut small pieces using black electrical tape and place them carefully over each infrared light.

Using Darkened Plexiglass

A person cutting a portion of a Plexiglass
Video | DIYeasycrafts

If using darkened plexiglass, measure and cut it according to the size of your camera lens before attaching it.

Remember, though – be gentle! We don’t want any scratches on our lenses.

Unplug the Lights from Inside the Camera

A person pointing something at the inside of a security camera
Video | Peter Bruce

Open your camera and unplug the connector from the inside of your camera. Your lights will not be usable, but other external lights work wonders.

Turning Off The Infrared Lights Through its Phone App

Some cameras offer controls over a Phone App in which you can easily access the app. You only need to access and turn off the LED light.

Testing and Adjusting Your Security Camera After Hiding Infrared Lights

The last step in our process is testing out our handy work! Now that everything’s all set up and looking invisible, let’s ensure it works properly.

To test it out:

  • Turn off all lights in the room.
  • Check if you can still see images clearly from your security camera feed. If everything looks good — congratulations! You’ve successfully hidden those annoying infrared lights without impairing your security camera function!

Alternative Solutions: Invisible IR Illuminators

A person holding an infrared round light
Video | furulevi

You might ask yourself, what exactly is an invisible IR illuminator? Well, these clever devices emit infrared light that isn’t visible to the human eye but can still be picked up by your camera. This means they’ll help your camera see in the dark while staying stealthy and unnoticeable.

The great thing about these contraptions is their versatility. They come in all shapes and sizes and work with most types of cameras–IP, CCTV, you name it! Plus, they’re relatively easy to install (many even come with mounting brackets) and typically have a pretty reasonable price tag attached.

See You Next Time!

While technology can help us maintain home safety, it isn’t everything. The best defense against threats is always awareness and preparedness! Keep these tips handy, stay vigilant, and make smart choices around home security…And most importantly—never compromise on peace of mind for the sake of being covert!


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