Great Ways to Hide a Nest Camera

Many homeowners use nest cams as nanny cams, helping them monitor babysitters, children, and even housecleaners or workers. However, due to their popularity, many people already know what a nest cam looks like and can easily spot them in modern homes. This may cause them to stick out like a sore thumb.

How would you use a nest camera to record unethical activities or crooks if the individuals you’re monitoring are aware of its presence? Below we’ll go through some of my favorite ideas for hiding your nest cam.

Hide a Nest Cam in a Stuffed Toy

stuffed toy

The modern and cute method of hiding a Nest Cam is to wrap it in a stuffed toy. Including some scissors and a sewing kit, you can easily construct your own fluffy animal camera hideout, but make sure it remains on a shelf or somewhere it won’t be grabbed and thrown around by your child.

In a Box of Tissues

box of tissue

A tissue box is a popular, low-cost household object that you can transform into a Nest camera camouflage area, where you can hide security cameras. First, remove all of your tissues from the box and place your camera inside. Using a knife or scissors, cut a small hole in the cardboard for your camera’s lens. Replace the tissues and align your camera with the hole.

Match up your camera firmly against the cardboard to measure the hole. You can either outline the lens or make an educated guess about its size. Remember to include a tissue that extends from the top while hiding nest cams inside.

In a Book Case


Since most robbers won’t pause to go through your personal library, concealing your Nest Cam among similar-colored books and clutter is a good idea. Alternatively, put the Nest Cam into a hollow book and go the extra mile. To get the right dimensions, you’ll probably have to connect a few together, etch out a hole and hide the security cameras in it.

In a Plant’s Leaves

plants leaves

All you’ll need is an octopus tripod or a twist mount for this one. Wrap your Nest Cam around a stem of your home plant after mounting it to the fixture. Make sure you arrange the leaves so that the camera can see through them without being too visible, and it’s also great for hiding security cameras outdoors.

camouflage in trees
[Alternative method || Camouflage in trees]

This is suitable for people who want to keep an eye on what happens in [or around] their houses. From late-arriving youngsters to untrustworthy workers to potential invaders, hiding security cameras in this manner will certainly keep an eye on everything while being inconspicuous.

It’s also a terrific alternative for everyone who already has a potted plant collection since several plants will draw even less attention to the Nest Cam’s new hiding spot. (1)

In a High Place and Out of Sight

birds house

An area that’s out of sight regardless of whether the people you’re watching are standing or sitting is ideal. This means you’ll have to go high. Mount your camera on a tall rack or on a birdhouse to guarantee criminals will not see it. This strategy works particularly well with light fixtures.

Additionally, try to camouflage it by surrounding it with similar décor. Similar items will blend the camera into the environment, even more, making it appear as if it is just another ornament on the top shelf.

This method is perfect for someone with a couple of books and trinkets and anyone without children or a strong desire to keep plants alive. This form of camouflage is a quick, painless, and cost-free solution to guarantee that your camera also captures everything around it.

Hide a Nest Cam in a Modified Photo Frame


This is by far the most unobtrusive approach to conceal your camera on this list. You can hide your security camera while still enjoying all of the benefits of a hidden view by utilizing this specifically designed picture frame. This frame contains a built-in lens that blends in with the picture frame. Unless you look real close, you’ll never know or discover that there’s a camera lens.

Furthermore, this camera will only begin recording once an object in motion is recognized. This allows it to operate in standby mode for up to two years.

Invest in a Dual-Purpose Device

dual purpose spy cam

With a dual-purpose spy camera, you can really hide a camera well. This extra-sneaky security equipment has two functions: it’s a portable USB charger that indeed charges your devices, and it’s also a tool that records 1080P Full HD video. An example is the DivineEagle Spy Camera. This device is a wireless surveillance camera with an S.D. card slot safeguarded from destruction by powerful Surge-Multi Protection.

Given the prominent S.D. card slot, the burglar with a keen eye might still be suspicious, but DivineEagle has physically covered you by supplying a sticker that will hide that section. A hidden camera will also come in handy if you’re playing detective at work or on vacation.

The burger may be an “expert” at this covert operation and may remove hidden camera locations such as mirrors or frames, but they will never have time to unplug chargers or peel off stickers. Thus, your secret spot is secure.

Here are more tips on how to hide a spy camera.

Make the Invaders Feel Confident to Trick Them

spy cam

When you use a smoke detector nearby, everyone feels safer, including potential criminals. You may invest in a fake smoke detector hidden camera. This device gives you a new kind of protection by monitoring activities under your roof with one click. When your gadget senses motion, it will send an alarm to your smartphone via the app.

Your smoke detector may not detect smoke, but it is unquestionably life-saving and dependable in other ways. It allows you to see every significant aspect of the recording because of its ability to register H.D. sharp clips in high clarity.

This dummy device may serve a purpose other than its primary goal, but whether it is a dummy or not, it has the same goal: to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Blend in the Surroundings

hide in vase

Camouflage is a simple idea that has been used for centuries by anything from the military to animal biology. If you accompany this disguised object with objects that look similar to what you’re trying to hide, it will blend into the background and become undetectable.

You may place your camera on your desk and load it with additional digital gear such as a smart photo frame, a speaker, and so on. It will blend in even if your Nest Cam is out in full view. People will simply believe it’s another of your desk’s devices or a webcam that only works with your computer.

This is suitable for any tech enthusiast who already owns the necessary equipment. This method also works for anyone who doesn’t want to go to the trouble of hiding, decorating, or purchasing additional items to conceal their video cameras.

Purchase a Decorative Skin Case Cover

decorative skin case

These are, without a doubt, the most amusing and adorable ways to conceal your security cameras. These little coverings, which come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, simply fit over your Nest Cam and turn it into a charming little desk flower or a famous cartoon character. (2)

These Nest Cam skins will revolutionize the way you watch your tiny loved ones. They’re perfect for maintaining a subtle eye on kids while in another room or outside the house. Furthermore, depending on how you position the camera and its skin, it may look to be one of your children’s toys; remember to keep an eye on the nanny as well.


How Much Would a Nest Camera Cost?

There are a variety of choices, ranging from completely free to roughly $40 at the most. The camera is, of course, the more expensive half of the equation, but the reassurance and security are well worth it.

Why Should You Invest in a Nest Camera?

Cameras can be utilized to monitor a home and provide valuable evidence of a break-in or property damage. Furthermore, if cost is a concern, there are several low-cost home security camera systems that you can install, set up, and use without the assistance of a professional specialist.

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(2) famous cartoon character –

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