How To Clean a Security Camera Lens (5 Simple Steps)

tools for cleaning camera

The cause of most video quality issues is a dirty camera lens. Cleaning your cameras is essential for maintaining the clarity of your image and video output. When cleaning your CCTV lens, be careful not to scratch the unique coating that prevents light reflection. Cleaning lenses with the proper tools and methods is critical. Let’s … Read more

Build a DIY Security Camera Pole in 7 Easy Steps

camera pole

As a security camera installer, a common question I get from people is about saving money on mounting security cameras while still being able to visualize a certain space. For example, if you are trying to keep an I on a football field but there is no easy place to mount the camera creating a … Read more

How Long Do Security Cameras Keep Footage (Data Analysed)

surveillance camera

Security cameras can record countless amounts of footage. Still, it all depends on the equipment they use, so we will try to be as general as possible with our answer and give you some certain scenarios. In general, when discussing how long security cameras keep footage: the amount of time surveillance footage is kept depends … Read more