How to Make a Fake Security Camera Look Real (Simple DIY Tips)

Ever thought about improving your home security without breaking the bank? Fake security cameras might be the answer you’re looking for!

I’ll tell you a little secret: even though they’re not real, these dummy cameras can be quite convincing and deter potential intruders from attempting to break into your property.

But just installing a fake security camera isn’t enough—making it look real is the trick.

Overview of Top Tips for Making a Fake Camera Look Real

Top TipsDescription
1. Use LightsAdd a red blinking light or simulated infrared LEDs. This can greatly enhance the illusion of a real security camera.
2. Use Cables and WiresEven if they are not connected to anything, wires, and cables can give the impression of a fully functioning camera connected to a surveillance system.
3. Select the Best Location Place your fake camera in a visible, strategic location.
4. Mount the CameraMake sure it’s securely mounted. A poor installation can be a dead giveaway.

How to Make a Fake Security Camera Look Real

Step 1. Including Lights

unboxing a fake security camera
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One of the key factors in making a fake security camera look real is incorporating lights. Believe it or not, a simple red-blinking light can deter intruders!

I’ve seen fake cameras with built-in LED lights that mimic the appearance of infrared sensors, making them look even more authentic. In some cases, all you need to do is install a red blinking light to complete the illusion.

Here’s how to add LED lights to your dummy camera:

  1. Find a small, battery-operated LED light. You can find these online or at a local store.
  2. Add Velcro or adhesive strips to the back of the light for easy mounting.
  3. Attach the light to your fake camera, imitating the position of a night vision LED on a real camera.
  4. Turn on the light when it’s dark outside to give the appearance of a working security camera.

This simple touch will give your fake camera a more authentic look, especially at night.

Step 2. Adding Wiring or Cables

attaching all wires for the fake camera
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Another strategy I’ve employed is adding wiring or cables to the fake camera. Think about it—most real security cameras have some visible cabling, so your fake one should, too.

Be creative here: use some old cables, or even pick up some cheap ones just for this purpose.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to setting up fake wires for your dummy camera:

  1. Purchase some electrical wires from a local store.
  2. Connect one end of the wire to your fake camera.
  3. Run the wire along the wall or ceiling like a real camera would have.
  4. Secure the wire with cable clips or adhesive hooks to make it look more organized.

Realistic wiring will make the camera look more authentic and deter potential intruders.

Step 3. Selecting the Best Location for Installing

mounting the fake camera to the wall
Video | Creative Life

I’d recommend looking around your property and finding an easily visible location, preferably from the street.

Some good spots are above your front door, near the garage, or at a window. By placing your camera in a strategic location, not only will you create a sense of surveillance, but you’ll also deter any potential intruders.

Step 4. Mounting the Camera

a fake camera mounted at the outdoor wall near the window
Video | MD

Now that you’ve picked the ideal location, it’s time to mount your dummy camera.

  1. First, you’ll need a mounting bracket. Make sure it’s securely in place and leveled. This will ensure a professional appearance as if a real home security system was installed.
  2. Then, conceal the cables and wires. Leaving wires exposed could give away its “dummy” status. I’ve seen people use wire strippers to create the illusion of power or data cables running to the camera.
  3. Just wrap up the excess cables and secure them with some tape or sealant to ensure they stay in place.

This is a simple yet effective way to trick the ordinary onlooker into believing the camera is real. Even the slightest attention to detail can go a long way in making your fake security camera more convincing.

And there you have it! A properly installed dummy camera will leave people guessing if it’s real.

Taking Precautions with your Fake Security Camera

Once the fundamentals above are in place, let’s move on to the extra precautions.

Now, I know you’re going to love this one: batteries. It might seem odd to replace batteries in a fake security camera, but trust me; people will notice if that blinking light suddenly goes out.

Swapping the batteries occasionally, just like in a real security camera, will keep up the convincing act.

Another fabulous tip is to pair your fake camera with a real security feature. Sometimes, I like to combine my fake cameras with a working doorbell camera or the like.

Do you know what they say? A little mix of real and fake is the key, right? This way, your phone can alert you to anyone approaching the house. Keeping a mix like this is a brilliant way to ensure your home remains secure while saving some cash too!

What’s next? Ah, yes. Get to know how real security cameras work. Taking the time to learn about the features and common placements of the real deal is super helpful.

Study those little details, and you’ll boost the believability of your fake camera. Look at things like the angle at which they’re installed, the type of mounting, and more.

Lastly, the cherry on top: quality counts. Ensure the fake camera housing you choose resembles a real camera, not a cheap plastic piece.

A more authentic-looking camera will make it harder for potential intruders to spot the difference between the fake and the real thing.

So, my friends, follow these amazing steps, and you’ll have your fake security camera looking just like the real deal in no time:

  • Replace the batteries occasionally
  • Pair your fake camera with real security features
  • Study real security cameras and their placements
  • Pick quality housing for your fake camera

That’s it! Now go forth and deploy your cleverly disguised fake security cameras.



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