Where to Hide Security Camera DVR (Ideas)

Swann security system DVR

Installing a CCTV system might give you peace of mind, but what about the camera’s DVR? Thinking about where to hide it can be a challenge, but don’t worry; I’ve got your back! Ideal locations range from the attic and basement to inside walls or cabinets. Factors like accessibility, temperature, security, connectivity, and noise level … Read more

Do Security Cameras Have Audio? (Comparison Chart)

reolink two-way audio security camera

Are you considering installing security cameras at home or in your business? If so, you may wonder whether they can record audio and video. The answer is: it depends on the camera. Some security cameras have built-in microphones and can record audio and video footage. Other cameras may not have audio capabilities at all. In … Read more

How To Pick A Deadbolt Lock (Guide)

deadbolt picking

Years ago, I found myself locked out of my home on a Saturday evening, returning from dinner. With no locksmiths on call, I was lucky I had some training and knew how to get back into the house. Lockpicking is not as difficult as most think, and most people can learn the basics, but mastering … Read more

How to Trick or Bypass your Garage Door Sensors

installing a door sensor

Every garage with an automated door has probably experienced the issue of a door sensor failing to work. If your garage door reverses before closing completely, your garage door sensors are most likely to blame. It can be extremely inconvenient for a car owner if a sensor is not working. Quick Summary of Methods: Method … Read more

DIY Security Shutters (Step by Step Guide)


DIY security shutters are a great way to create physical barriers to prevent unwanted entry to your home, business, or storefront. While most houses have strong, rigid doors with heavy-duty locks, windows are rarely well secured. This is concerning because 23 percent of burglars enter through first-floor windows. Overview of The Steps I’ll Go Through … Read more

How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors (in 6 Ways)

sliding door

Criminals seeking an easy way into a house frequently target the weakest link, often sliding glass doors. They are usually unlocked and have an extremely simple locking mechanism. A few simple things can be done to safeguard a home when you’re using glass doors, and we will go through them after we cover the basics … Read more

Great Ways to Hide a Nest Camera

google nest device mounted on white wall

Many homeowners use nest cams as nanny cams, helping them monitor babysitters, children, and even housecleaners or workers. However, due to their popularity, many people already know what a nest cam looks like and can easily spot them in modern homes. This may cause them to stick out like a sore thumb. To help you, … Read more

Can I Use Alexa To Listen Remotely (Learn How)

amazon alexa in dark grey color

Is it possible to listen to Alexa remotely? Yes, The echo acts as a link between you and the cloud. You can control any Alexa-enabled device remotely when you’re not at home. But if the question is, ‘Can I operate all of Alexa’s functions remotely?’ The answer is NO. However, a few of Alexa’s functions … Read more

How to Mount a Security Camera on Vinyl Siding (6 Steps)

man holding screw and camera mounted on the wall

Vinyl is inexpensive and easy to install. It’s also much stronger than aluminum siding and requires fewer seams, which reduces the chance of leaks. Because of this material’s durability, it’s convenient to mount your security camera to vinyl siding. The installation process is relatively simple. But, if you don’t do it right the first time, … Read more