How To Pick A Deadbolt Lock (Guide)

deadbolt picking

Years ago, I found myself locked out of my home on a Saturday evening, returning from dinner. With no locksmiths on call, I was lucky I had some training and knew how to get back into the house. Lockpicking is not as difficult as most think, and most people can learn the basics, but mastering … Read more

Rekeying vs Changing Locks (What You Need To Know?)

metal doorhandle and a key lock

Do you have concerns about moving into your new home? Or have you lost your keys? It might be a good time to look over changing or rekeying your door locks. Changing locks expands your choices for customization and upgrades. On the other hand, rekeying locks provides cost-effective security for your property.  Both increase security … Read more

How To Open a Sentry Safe Without Keys: Simple (But Important) Things To Remember

Sentry Safe

Having a sentry safe is crucial to protect your valuable and irreplaceable documents, accessories, and many more. Sentry safes withstand several situations, for example, robbery, flood, and water. Almost all sentry safes are sturdy and highly durable.  How do you open a sentry safe if you forgot your keys? Many people often lose their keys … Read more