How To Open a Sentry Safe Without Keys: Simple (But Important) Things To Remember

Having a sentry safe is crucial to protect your valuable and irreplaceable documents, accessories, and many more. Sentry safes withstand several situations, for example, robbery, flood, and water. Almost all sentry safes are sturdy and highly durable. 

How do you open a sentry safe if you forgot your keys? Many people often lose their keys or sentry safe bypass code. This article will tell you how to crack the sentry safe bypass code without keys and combinations. 

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How to Open a Sentry Safe Without Keys

Method #1: Opening a Sentry Safe By Requesting a Key Replacement from SentrySafe

This method is perfect for you if you don’t want to use any tools to open a sentry-safe combination or need extra keys. You can contact the manufacturer for the replacement keys. Before that, the serial number and sentry safe’s model details are necessary if you want to ask for replacement keys. 

The SentrySafe website has detailed guides on how to find the safe’s model and serial number. If you can not locate the key (lock) number, it is better to contact the customer service desk by dialing 1-800-828-1438. After finding these numbers go to SentrySafe’s website and complete the key recovery request application. 

In that form, you must enter the key (lock) number, the safe’s model, the serial number, and how many new keys you want. You have to pay for the keys and tax as well. After applying, the company will check and deliver your new keys in 7 to 10 working days. 

Method #2: Open a Sentry Safe With a Paper Clip

Despite the type of lock of the gun sentry safe, paper clips are one of the most well-known lock-picking tools. To try this method, you must get a pair of paper clips and two needle-nose pliers (optional). Below are the detailed steps using which you can crack a sentry safe without keys: 

Step 1: Take the first paper clip with your fingers or using the pliers. Now, bend the larger leg and make it have a 90-degree angle.

Step 2: Again, bend the other leg of the paper clip until it looks like a wrench.

Step 3: Grab the second paper clip. Bend one leg of it into a 45-degree angle and the second leg into a 180-degree angle. After that, the paper clip resembles a feeler pick and acts as a handle to rotate the sentry safe’s lock. 

Step 4: Find the lower area of the safe’s lock and put the first paper clip (which resembles a wrench) in it. 

Step 5: Now, grab the second paper clip (feeler pick), and insert it in the upper area of the safe’s lock (the teeth of the locks are located in that area). 

Step 6: Start twisting the lower paperclip in a clockwise direction and, at the same time, shake the upper paperclip into the lock’s teeth. 

Step 7: Repeat the above process: press the lock pins until you hear a clicking noise. 

Step 8: Rotate the pins thrice and twist the two paper clips clockwise to crack the sentry safe.

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Method #3: Crack Sentry Safe With a Nail File

Many wonder how a small nail file can open a sentry safe. Though it might sound unbelievable, a nail file or a nail cutter with an attached nail file is beneficial for unlocking the safe without keys. However, ensure that the nail file is made of metal, not plastic. 

With the below steps, you will know how to open a sentry safe without the combination: 

Step 1: Take the nail cutter and fully pull out the nail file so it will come into a straight line.  

Step 2: Keep the nail cutter in your hand and make sure that the nail file is sticking out of your hand.

Step 3: Insert the pointed tip of the nail file into the lock. 

Step 4: After that, shake the nail file and try to twist it in a clockwise direction. 

Step 5: Repeat the above step until it feels like the lock will open.  

Step 6: When you hear a ‘click’ sound, wiggle the nail file into the lock until the click sound is heard from the outside of the safe.  

Step 7: Take out the nail file and open the sentry safe. 

Method #4: Sentry Safe Opening Using a Knife or Screwdriver

Here is another easy method to crack a sentry safe without a key. You need to get a functional screwdriver or a knife for this procedure. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Take a screwdriver and put its pointed tip on the lock of the sentry safe bypass code. (1)

Step 2: Now, twist it in an anti-clockwise direction until it gets inside the keyhole. 

Step 3: After that, push it up and down or shake it, and the lock will open. 

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Method #5: Use a Drill to Open Your Safe

This method is very effective for opening a sentry safe without keys. But, if you choose this procedure to unlock the safe, you can not use the lock again because the drill will destroy it. The required materials for this method are a power drill machine or different electric cutting equipment. 

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to open a sentry safe combination without a key using a drill: 

Step 1: Take the high-power drill machine and plug it into the switchboard or other power outlets. (2)

Step 2: Start applying pressure and drill into the lock of the sentry safe. 

Step 3: While drilling, make sure to drill straight into the lock so that the safe

Step 4: Continue drilling into the lock until the lock is broken. 

Step 5: Take out the damaged lock pieces, and you can crack the sentry safe.  

Step 6: Replace the sentry safe’s lock from the local store or talk to the manufacturer to get a replacement lock. 

Method #6: Use a Rare Earth Magnet to Open Your Sentry Safe

Are you wondering how an earth magnet can help open a sentry safe without the key? Below are the steps which will tell you how to crack sentry safe bypass code without a key: 

Step 1: Take the earth magnet and keep it in the sock.

Step 2: Bring the sock near the safe, find the nickel solenoid of the safe, and keep the magnet in that area. (for opening and locking, the safe relies on the solenoid mechanism). 

Step 3: After putting the magnet in that spot, twist or rotate the safe knob. 

Step 4: There, your safe is open. 

Remember not to put your fingers between the sentry safe bypass code and the magnet, as it could damage and hurt your finger. You can use this method to crack sentry safes and break locked hotel doors and typical safes. It is particularly beneficial in a small fireproof sentry safe opening without using keys. However, remember that earth magnets are rare and not available easily. Hence, only use this method if you have an earth magnet. 


There are numerous situations where Sentry safe owners lose access to the safe’s keys. However, even if there are no keys, it is possible to crack a sentry-safe bypass code using different methods. So, if you want to open your safe without keys, you can follow the above procedures depending on the tool’s availability.   

(1) bypass code –
(2) switchboard –

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