Does Leaving A Light On At Night Deter Burglars – Find Out!

porch light

Did you know a robbery happens every 22.6 seconds in the US? Outdoor lights illuminate the premises. Through illumination, homeowners or passersby can notice intruders who may try to enter the space. However, there are certain scenarios where keeping the lights on may not deter burglars but benefit burglars. Reasons to keep lights on at … Read more

How To Make A Door Flood Barrier – 8+ (Easy) Ways

flood sandbag on door

Flooding can be devastating for everyone. Increasing climate change issues have led to natural disasters happening more commonly and at a high cost. If you live in an area that has experienced floods or is at risk of flooding, you need to prepare as much as possible in advance. Doors are one of the first … Read more

Burglar Proofing Windows (9 Tips from the Experts)


Working in security, I have seen that the most common break-in happens through a window. 23% of all break-ins in America are through windows, so why don’t we invest more in burglar-proofing our windows? This is a great question; if you are here, you’re looking for solutions. Below I will cover some of the best … Read more

Sliding Glass Door Security – 5+ Solutions

sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors give a modernistic touch to a house. However, as much as we love sliding doors, they are very vulnerable to break-ins. Putting an efficient sliding door security system in place is extremely important if you want to ensure your family’s safety. Here are a few steps to take to secure and lock … Read more

How To Hide Security Camera Outside (9 Ingenious Ways)

secruity camera on the tree

Working in security, I have found that more people are requesting their security cameras to be hidden because of increasing levels of vandalism and theft. Learning how to Hide a camera outside can be challenging. But, with the right planning, you can have an undetectable surveillance system. Hiding cameras is not commonly done for security … Read more

How To Block Audio Recording Devices (7 Ways)

audio recording device

As a security professional, I deal with many calls from people worried about bugs in their houses or someone trying to listen in on them. There are many devices out there these days for recording audio, and they have gotten so small that it’s almost impossible to detect them visually. In general, to block an … Read more

How Long Do Smoke Detectors Last (Could Save Your Life)

carbon monoxide detectors

One of the most common questions about home protection is how long smoke detectors last. Knowing how long your smoke detector will last is crucial. Many smoke detectors have an electronic part lifespan of 8-10 years, while their batteries can last from 6 months to 1 year. Type of Smoke Detector Average Life Span Ionization … Read more

Bedroom Door Security (8 Easy Ways To Secure Your Door)

bedroom door

A bedroom door is a gateway between your private and public space. However, it can be an easy target for burglars and theft. How can you protect your bedroom door from burglars? Some people use doors with complicated locks requiring keys or codes to open. Others prefer cheaper alternatives like a deadbolt lock or a … Read more

Can You Shower During a Thunderstorm? (Be Careful!)


When it comes to showering during a thunderstorm, in general, according to the National Weather Service, the chances of injury are extremely small. Yet, relatively specific risk points are attached to being in the shower if your home is struck by lightning. If possible, avoid showering during a thunderstorm, but know that the chances of … Read more