How Long Does The Ring Battery Take To Charge? (Timed)

At present, many people choose battery-powered security systems. The Ring contains different battery-operated surveillance cameras, outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, nanny cams, spycam, and even video doorbell models. You can install these cameras in any place without much hassle. However, one drawback of these battery-powered Ring models is that they can not function when the battery is getting charged. 

Due to that, users are curious about how much time the Ring battery needs to charge fully.  

The Ring battery generally takes between 5 to 10 hours to get fully charged. Numerous aspects affect the Ring battery recharge time. The Ring Floodlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Battery, Stick Up Cam Battery, Peephole Cam, Video Doorbell, Doorbell 2, Doorbell 3, and Doorbell 3 Plus operate on rechargeable lithium batteries. 

If you want to charge your Ring batteries quickly, it is best to use a 2.1-amp USB wall charger to recharge them.

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Every battery-powered Ring device except the original Ring Video Doorbell comes with a quick-charge battery pack. You need to charge the quick-charge battery for about five to ten hours to get fully charged.

The original Ring Video Doorbell does not have a removable battery. This non-removable lithium battery needs four to twelve hours to attain 100% charge. To charge the Ring battery, you must insert the charger cable directly into the Video Doorbell device.

Most Popular Ring Devices And Their Charge Times

Ring Camera ModelBattery Charge Time
Ring Spotlight Cam BatteryFive to ten (5 – 10) hours
Original Ring Video Doorbell CameraFour to twelve (4 – 12) hours
Ring Stick Up Battery CamFive to ten (5 – 10) hours
Ring Video Doorbell 2Five to ten (5 – 10) hours
Ring Indoor CamFive to ten (5 – 10) hours
Ring Floodlight CamFive to ten (5 – 10) hours

Should I Charge The Ring Battery More Often?

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Yes. But recharging the battery more often does not mean you should charge it daily. In general, you can recharge the Ring battery once every six months. However, the following elements will affect the total time your Ring battery will stay charged: 

  • The usage of the device 
  • Surrounding air temperature and weather
  • The stability and signal of your Wi-Fi connection

If the battery has a 0% charge, it will take more time to charge fully. If you power up the battery, which has at least a 30% charge, it will obtain a 100% charge in less time. You should recharge your Ring battery more often if the charge is draining quickly. The Ring battery may deplete its power faster because of the following reasons:

  • Huge amount of motion events and alerts
  • Constant live streaming
  • Steady cold temperatures
  • Unstable Wi-Fi signals

If the Ring battery is low in power, you will get instant notifications via email or smartphone app. Never ignore these notifications, and recharge the battery right away. Do not let the Ring battery run out of power completely because you may have to repeat the whole setup process in the mobile app. (1)

How Should I Check The Battery Life In The Ring App?

A separate section in the Ring app shows the real-time battery life, and you can check it anytime from anywhere. First, open the mobile app’s homepage, and tap on the surveillance system. At the top-right corner, you can see the battery icon. Press the settings tab above the battery icon and check the device’s remaining battery life.

Why Does The Ring Battery Charging Speed Differ?

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Ring devices have lithium batteries that can not keep power in cold conditions. Due to that, they will get charged slowly during winter and cold weather. If you want the battery to get charged quickly, power it up on a warm day. The Ring battery can charge faster if you insert it into a wall socket adapter rather than a USB port on your computer. High charger amperage allows the battery to get fully charged in less time.

How Should I Recharge The Quick-release Ring Battery Pack?

It is easy to recharge the quick-release Ring battery pack. All you have to do is remove the battery from the Ring device and put the charging cord directly in the battery. At the front of the battery, you can see tiny red and green lights, which will flash when the battery is charged. If you see only the green light, then the battery has 100% charging.

How Should I Recharge The Ring Video Doorbell Battery?

To recharge the Ring Video Doorbell battery, peel off the doorbell from the mounting bracket. After that, you should insert the micro-USB charging wire into the back of the device. The circle light shows the battery’s total charge, and you can use it to calculate how much time it might need to get fully charged. The Ring Doorbell device is 100% charged if the complete circle turns blue. (2)

Final Word

In short, almost all the battery-powered Ring security systems run on two different batteries. Some models work on non-removable lithium batteries, while the remaining Ring cameras depend on quick-release lithium batteries. However, all the Ring batteries need about 5 to 10 hours on average to obtain 100% charge. Remember that these batteries tend to charge slowly during cold temperatures.

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