Installing a Ring Doorbell On an Uneven Surface (Step by Step Guide)

Installing a ring doorbell might be tricky if you have an uneven surface. I personally have faced this problem when mounting my ring doorbell on my brick wall and have put together an article and complete guide to mounting ring doorbells if your walls are not level.

Getting Started

A ring doorbell camera is motion-activated and can detect objects up to 30 feet away but needs to be properly positioned for this detection to work.  Mounting ring doorbells on an uneven surface can be complicated. You will have to make adjustments to find the best way to mount the ring doorbell properly.

In most circumstances, you will need a level surface to install a ring doorbell but sometimes you just have to improvise. Below we provide some steps to creating some do-it-yourself mounts to put up your ring on uneven surfaces without issues.

1. Use a DIY or Ready-Made Mount Cover

ready made mount cover

Installing a Ring doorbell on an uneven surface may require you to improvise a bit. Basically, a flat surface is what you need to mount ring doorbells correctly. The only way for you to level the surface is to find a mount cover in your house, or you’ll have to buy one that is open on the same side as your ring doorbell.

piece of plywood

If you happen to find plywood that is at least ¼ inch thick, then you can make a mount cover yourself! Just cut it wide enough to fit the ring doorbell with enough space for screws to hold onto the surface. If it is still uneven, you can cut a small piece of the plywood and fill in the space with caulking or silicon on the gap that is under the mount cover you have made to level the surface. This will do the trick! (1)

You may also use an outlet cover to help level the uneven surface. Use an outlet cover that could fit the ring doorbell with enough space for the screws to hold!

2. Add the Screw Holes to the Mount Cover

adding screw holes to mount cover

Before mounting your ring doorbell on your wall, take the ring and put it on your plywood so you know it will fit in the space you created and trace the screw holes on the mount cover. This is good for having some precision for where you mount it.

Tips to better help you install a ring doorbell on an uneven surface:

  • Get longer screws to help with adjustment on uneven surfaces.
  • Use flat head screws or thin head screws so you won’t have a hard time mounting the doorbell on your improvised surface or plywood.

3. Place it on a Protruded Area

Basically, the protruding area of your wall will aid in the straightening of your Ring doorbell. It may be slightly or highly inclined if you do it on a diagonal location inwards. 

So, to properly install a ring doorbell on an uneven surface, you should screw the plywood to a less bent area of your wall. Then mount your Ring doorbell on it.

4. Link the Wires

linking wires

You should loop one doorbell wire around each of the screw terminals on the back of your Ring Doorbell. It makes no difference which wire you connect to which screw. Just make sure the cables don’t come into contact with one another.

5. Tightened the Screws to Secure

Ensure that you securely fasten the doorbell to the mount and that it sits right. You will see tabs on it. Line them up with your ring. Then push it down on them. Confirm that the security screws, normally located underneath the bell, are tightened. This will prevent your ring doorbell from falling off.


Is it necessary to place a ring doorbell on a flat surface?

Ring Doorbell on flat surface

No, a ring doorbell does not require a flat surface to function. It’s all about adjusting your ring doorbell when it’s mounted. It doesn’t matter if the surface is small, wide, or uneven. 

You can buy an installation ring doorbell kit that includes everything you need. The following are some of the tools that are included: 

– Level
– Mount
– Wedge

Ensure that no object obstructs the ring doorbell camera vision if it is on an uneven surface.

Is it possible to mount a ring doorbell on an angled surface?

Definitely, yes! The angled surface can also be challenging for mounting ring doorbells, but it is not a problem. You have to purchase a wedge and a corner kit to make the process much easier.

Here are some easy steps on how to install a ring doorbell on an angled surface:

Corner Kits – This kit is the best if you wish to capture a more expansive view because it offers a tilt of 30-50 degrees.

Wedge Kits – This can be layered depending on the amount of tilt you prefer. You can have a vertical tilt with this kit.

Install it on the Door – This is the best option available. Always decide to mount the ring doorbell on the door rather than mount it on a narrow or angled surface. The door will work in your favor. 

However, if you are having difficulty installing ring doorbells on your door, this would be the perfect time to look for another location to mount it.

Mount it on the Wall Instead – This method is preferable if you’re having a hard time looking for the best angle to mount your Ring Doorbell on your door. Sometimes, it works much better if mounted on the actual wall.

Invest in a Ring Pro – It is an excellent option if you have a very narrow space. A ring pro has a smaller width, less than any other ring doorbell, which makes me perfect if you intend to mount your doorbell on narrow spaces.

Is it possible to place a ring doorbell sideways?

Yes, you can mount your Ring doorbell sideways; however, there are no configuration options. The mounting procedure is the same as if you were doing it standing up. You just need to perform a few tweaks. You may also have to tilt your head sideways because you can’t modify the settings. 

Is it possible to install the ring doorbell horizontally?

Like our answer before, Yes! If you wish to mount the ring doorbell sideways, no problem. The most significant disadvantage is that you will not be able to rotate the video. In either case, you’ll be watching a video with a 90-degree angle. (2)

The best part is that the motion detectors are pretty good. These detect movement from 5 to 30 feet away from the fixture and up to 180 degrees horizontally. Vertical movements are less responsive than horizontal movements.

Is it possible to mount a ring doorbell on PVC?

PVC can be used for ring doorbell installation. When mounting the doorbell on a PVC, the kit will be useless. A corner mount, self-tapping screws, and wedges will come in handy. However, if you use silicon on the base plate, avoid using it directly on the Ring doorbell.

Is installation ring doorbell on the door frame possible?

Absolutely! You can install it on a door frame. With the older 2020 release model, you can install it without using a drill. Otherwise, these steps may help you:

Pick a Place – Choose a place where you want to place it. The most suitable place is 4 feet above the ground to record a full-body view.

Put a Mark on it – You will have to mark the holes of the baseplate onto the surface.

Secure it – Screw in the screws and place them on the base plate to secure it. Next place the ring doorbell firmly. And lastly, you will have to ensure that the screws below are entirely secured.

What is the best location for a ring doorbell installation?

There are various places where we can best install a ring doorbell. Some of these spots are:

– Passageway
– Decent and even surfaces
– Uneven surfaces (would need a few adjustments)

If you are looking for ideas on how to mount it on different angles you can use a:

– Corner Kit
– Wedge Kit
– 48-inches above the ground

(1) plywood –
(2) 90-degree angle –,5753,-14670,00.html

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