How To Secure Windows Without Bars (8 Best Ways)

Are you looking for the added security of window bars but don’t want the unsightly and ugly look of them? There are many ways that you can protect your windows without having to install bars on them. We go through some ideas we’ve picked up as security installers and more below.

1. Improving Security with the help of Window Alarms

Like security cameras, the addition of window alarms is also considered reliable equipment to keep invaders and burglars away from your house. The window alarm functions by turning on if someone tries to open the window forcefully from outside. The window alarm works by notifying if the window is opened or closed. 

buglar at the window

Some window security alarm systems are mounted through adhesive, screws, or both. Things you may require to install a window security alarm include a screw (if needed) and a window security alarm device.

  • The first step to installing the window alarm is to clean the surface where the alarm is placed.
  • Secondly, remove the adhesive backing and hold the alarm device for a few seconds so that it bonds on the surface. Once you are done with it, test the alarm by opening and closing the window to ensure the system responds.
  •  Lastly, make adjustments to the settings on the device according to your requirements.

2. Installing a Quality Lock for the Window

installing lock on windows

The first and basic method to improve and enhance the security of windows without installing window bars is to use strong, reliable, and high-quality window locks. Various brands are available in the market that offers well-built and high-quality window locks that help you keep your window locks and house safe. Things you will need to install a window lock are a window lock, a screwdriver, and pliers.

For the installation:

  • Firstly, choose a lock that suits your needs and requirement as there are various high-quality window locks available in the market, including key-track window locks, sliding window locks, and bolts that lock casement windows.
  • Secondly, choose the position where you want to fix the window lock. It can be the window track or any other place you would like to lock.
  • Thirdly, limit the opening space of the window lock according to your liking. It should be set according to what extent you want the window to open. It can be fully closed or opened.
  • Then, clip the lock to the frame of the window or the sill, or you can also screw it on the track of the window to keep the lock intact.
  • Lastly, the final step is to tighten the lock with the help of pliers

3. Installing a Security Film for Protecting the Glass from Breaking

installing window film

Window security film makes the window glass harder and more difficult to break. This is the best option if you do not want to invest much in your window security or live in a rental house. Protective films are used to reinforce and strengthen the window glass and protect the window from getting shattered. Windows cannot be smashed easily, and it helps increase the window’s break resistance. They also hinder the invaders from peeking into your home through a window. You can increase the number of window security films if you want to enhance the security level of the glass. (1)

It is super easy to install the window security film. All you need is the window security film, a pair of scissors, and soapy water, and you can install it yourself.

  • Step one is to clean the glass window surface thoroughly with the help of soapy water. Measure the window security film according to the size of your window. Cut the film accordingly. Make sure to cut some extra, as you can trim it at the end of the process.
  • The second step is to remove the backing sheet from the security film, spray some water on the film and the window glass, and finally place the security film on the window. Water sprat will allow easy-adjust on the film on the glass.
  • The third step is to remove any air or water bubbles.

You may want to check our best window security film guide.

4. Making Windows Secure with the help of Motion Detectors

installing motion detectors

Motion detector sensors are useful to detect and access the movements around windows and doors. A motion detector works by measuring the sound and radiation around the window, and if there is any unusual movement near the window, it sends notifications and alerts to the receiver. A basic motion detector also includes an alarm to give out alerts. (2)

The procedure for installing the motion detector sensor is the same as installing the window alarm system.

5. Improving Security with Laminated Glass

installing laminated glass

Window laminated glass is two pieces of glass attached with a plastic layer between them. It is not impossible to break the laminated glass window. However, the burglars cannot cut the laminated glass of the window with a glass cutter from outside. Laminated window glass makes the window glass difficult to break, reducing the chances and risks of break-ins.

Lamination of the window glass is done by applying a PVB interlayer between two pieces of window glass and sticking them together. It can also contain more than two layers of window glass. For the process, only two things are required one of them is window glass, and the second is the adhesive used to hold them together.

6. Install Motion Sensor Lights in Outdoor Areas

installing motion light sensors

An exterior motion sensor light provides security and convenience when you get to your home. If you want to secure the inside area of your home and the outside area of the home and the window, then the outdoor motion sensor lights are the best option. Motion sensor lights include a motion detector that works by detecting unusual motion in the area and lighting up the area if any unusual motion is detected, such as a forceful attempt to open the window. So if someone tries to go on your property, the lights will turn on by detecting the motion from the environment near the outdoor motion light.

The motion sensor light installation process is very easy, and one can do it themselves.

  • Step one is to turn off the power of your existing outdoor light. Then begin the installation with the attachment of the mounting strip where you want to place the motion sensor light. Mounting the strip allows you to attach the wires before mounting the fixture. Then connect the wires of the motion sensor light with the existing wiring with the help of wire connectors and electrical tape.
  • The second step is to use a screwdriver to attach the light to the mounting strip and check that all wires are connected and inside. Lastly, turn the power supply on and test the motion sensor light, completing the process of adjusting the angle for the best coverage.

Here’s a guide on how to add motion sensors to existing outdoor light.

7. Adding More Security Cameras

adding security camera

Other than installing high-quality window locks, you can add security cameras if you want to enhance the security of your house. The presence of the security camera on your window will reduce the chances of a break-in and act as a deterrent as well as help you identify culprits. Place the camera outside of the window as placement of the security camera inside the window will result in blurry coverage of the video. Some security cameras also provide you with remote control and video feed features accessed through your smartphone to control, manage and observe your house. 

Steps you need to follow to install the security camera:

  • Firstly find a perfect spot where you want to fix the camera to get maximum coverage of the outside area. The placement should be at least 9 feet off the ground, so it is not accessible easily. Once you have located the position to place the camera, drill the holes into the wall.
  • The second step is to locate the power source for the camera and attach the wire to the power source and the camera. Once you have the wire pulled through, turn the connector on and mount the camera. Sometimes security cameras do not require any predrill holes.
  • Lastly, finish with the wires on the outlet and turn on the power to get the security camera working. 

8. Planting Shrubs Near Windows

planting shrubs near window

Planting thorns or thorny bushes under your window area is also a common method to avoid break-ins and keep away burglars. It makes it very difficult to get into your house through a window. Some of the thorny bushes you can plant under the window area are roses and cacti. It is the most inexpensive way to secure your home, as it makes your window impassable to intruders. So planting bushes with thorns is kind of a clever way to avoid break-ins. Avoid planting tall trees as they are strong and will provide an easy passage for the invaders to get into your house. (3)

Wrapping Up

Along with these methods and ways to secure your window, it is necessary to make sure that you lock your windows and door while leaving your house. You can use any method that suits your requirement. However, in our opinion, the best method is to utilize window security film on your glass window along with security cameras to keep your home safe and secure.

Below are other security suggestions concerning your home. We hope these products and learning guides will help you.

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