How to Reset ADT Alarm Panel – Checklist and Guide

Usually, a common issue with ADT alarm panel users is that they have trouble figuring out how to reset the alarm. There are different ways to reset an ADT alarm system.

In general, the user password must be input when resetting an ADT alarm before pressing the shutdown button. This is usually more than enough and only consists of a 4-digit password. On other models, you may have to press another button after your passcodes, such as an asterisk or a #1.

Reset ADT Alarm Using Your User Access Code

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Knowing the master code allows you to reset the user access code of the ADT alarm. Once you have the master code, you can follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Press the asterisk key and then press the “5” key. This allows the master code to be entered via the control panel keypad.

Step 2: Enter the user code correctly and carefully. The user code is usually made up of two digits that are the representation of the user. Different users in a household have two different digits to identify themselves when using the control panel. The two digits start at 01 and go up to 32.

Step 3: Enter a new code that is easy to remember. Sometimes the user needs to press the number key to finish the procedure.

ADT users gain access to the home security system through our user passcode or one additional button. Remote access to disarm or reset the system is available for most users.

Remote Reset, The ADT Alarm System, Using The App

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The ADT Control App is a free mobile app available on Android and iOS devices and works with the ADT safewatch pro. With this app, you can check the status of your security system, arm and disarm it from anywhere, and receive essential security updates. The control circle turns green when everything is in order. (1)

The ADT Control App is a way to keep tabs on your security system. A graphical icon on the home page will tell you whether or not your house is secure. Clicking the icon takes you to a new page with details about your security system and allows you to control critical functions. Your ADT system is also designed to feature critical fobs for added security. If your primary system malfunctions, press the button on your key fob, and your alarm will reset the ADT alarm itself.

Reset ADT The Alarm After A Power Outage

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1. Status button: You must find the status button because, in a power outage, you may see a flashing light or a code consisting of asterisks. (2)

2. Power supply and battery backup: The user needs to turn off the power that sometimes comes from a wall outlet. It is also important to consider the battery backup. After a power failure, the user disconnects the backup battery to restart the alarm.

3. Connecting the battery: After waiting 5 minutes, the power source is ready. To do this, enter the battery or plug the wiring alarm panel into the power outlet.

4. Enter the code: To turn on the system, it is usually necessary to press the asterisk and #, although this depends on the type of alarm. After that, the user only enters his pin code or security code.

Factory Reset ADT Alarm System

If you forget or misplace your user passcode or move into a home with an existing ADT wiring alarm panel, the recommended action is to contact ADT and have them send out a technician. If you lock yourself out of the system or move into a home with an existing wiring alarm panel, follow the following steps.

  1. Locate and unplug the AC power to the keypad. To remove the backplate, disconnect the battery if present. You’ll need to notify a technician if the panel is still wired into the system.
  2. Power down and unplug the power cord. Then locate the red, black, and white wires attached to the motherboard. Remove these wires without detaching them from the motherboard.
  3. The waiting time is approximately 1 minute to reverse the process. If these steps do not work, you can contact an ADT operator.

ADT Security Specialist

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They are available 24/7 to answer any questions about their company or services. If you have an emergency, please contact them immediately by calling 800.280.6946. For questions that are not urgent, please use the web form on their website. They try to respond to inquiries within 72 hours.

Specialists are ready to clear up any uncertainties about ADT monitoring stations. Many people are concerned about the performance of ADT monitoring stations. That is why some people have started to use ADT safewatch pro and ADT monitoring stations to improve ADT security monitoring. ADT security monitoring is one of the best options, thanks to the excellent performance of its ADT monitoring stations.

Setting The Master Code

1. First, enter the master code initially set for you.

2. Looking at the alarm keypad, press the buttons 8 + 1.

3. The user must enter a new master code that they can remember.

4. The user enters the new master code a second time. When the beep is audible, the master code has been successfully changed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Is The Reset ADT Alarm-Button On The Alarm Panel Wiring?

The alarm panel wiring reset ADT alarm button is on the keypad itself. There are a variety of models and not a single alarm panel wiring. The specific model of the alarm panel wiring is essential for the specific model of the wiring alarm panel.

How Do You Remove A Wiring Alarm Panel?

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew the touchscreen from the wall. Remove the bottom screw and loosen the following two screws, labeled 1 and 2, with a screwdriver.

Where Is The Wiring Alarm Panel Battery Located?

The wiring alarm panel battery powers the main control board of the security system and is in the wiring alarm panel box. To open this wiring alarm panel, locate the screw holes and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them.

(1) Android and iOS devices –
(2) power outage –

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