How to Set Time on an ADT Panel?

Most people don’t understand the importance of setting up the correct time in ADT security systems. An incorrect time set on an ADT Panel might cause lots of issues. Imagine for a moment, if the ADT panel recorded an inaccurate time during a security incident like a break-in and you called the police to investigate; it might confuse the investigators and cause all sorts of issues. That is why today, we will teach you to set the time on the ADT panel(don’t keep putting it off!).

To set the date and time on your ADT panel, first press star (*) on the keypad and then press 6. Now enter your Master Password. Finally, set the new date and time for your ADT panel.

What Can Cause Inaccurate Time?

Sudden power outages are the most popular reasons for inaccurate time. Apart from that, battery replacement or programming errors might cause your ADT command panel to display an incorrect time.

Power Outages

This is one of the major causes of inaccurate time, and you cannot do anything about it except for an extra battery. So, you’ll be better off with a backup battery. It will prevent your ADT alarm system from shutting down during temporary cuts in power.

Battery Replacement

If your ADT alarm system requires a battery replacement, you’ll have to go through that. There is no way around it. But, it will reset the ADT panel’s date and time. So, be prepared to set the correct time.

Programming Error

This is the least common cause of an incorrect time. Most people like to hire a professional installer to perform ADT security system installation. Sometimes, the installer might set the wrong time on your ADT panel. (1)

How to Set the Time on DSC Impassa ADT Panel?

DSC Impassa ADT panels can work in wireless mode for most equipment. It has a hardwired keypad. Here is how you can set the time on the DSC Impassa ADT panel.

Step 1 – Enter Your Master Code

First, push the star (*) button on your ADT keypad. Then press number 6. Now enter your ADT panel’s, Master Code.

Step 2 – Navigate to Date and Time Settings

After entering the Master Code, the ADT panel takes you to the user setting menu. Push the > button twice. Now you are in the date and time settings.

Step 3 – Set the Correct Time

After successfully navigating to the date and time settings, push the star (*) again. Then carefully set the correct time. (2)

Keep in mind: If needed, remember to set the correct date too.

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