How to Remove ADT Motion Sensor from Wall?

Motion sensors are a vital part of your ADT alarm system. They help the ADT control panel detect any type of movement automatically and save battery and disk space. But what happens when your motion detector starts malfunctioning?

A malfunctioning motion sensor will trigger your alarm system without there even being any real threat or cause. To avoid such situations, you must replace the old motion detector. But, most people have problems when trying to remove the motion detector. So in this article, I plan to give you a 3-step guide on how to remove an old ADT motion sensor from your wall.

In general to remove an ADT motion sensor first, loosen the bottom screw of the motion sensor’s front cover. After that, remove the front cover and then the battery. Finally, disconnect the bracket that holds the motion sensor.

We will go into more detail below.

Are ADT Motion Sensors Good?

Compared to other motion sensors, ADT motion sensors can be considered one of the finest pieces of hardware in the market. ADT motion sensors can detect any object or thing in either a zone of your choosing or with a sensitivity that can be adjusted and used to make sure animals or smaller things do not trigger it. So, practically, nothing can escape these amazing motion detectors. Here are some features and specs of ADT motion sensors that might interest you.

Incredible Range

Usually, the ADT motion sensors have a wide range compared to other products. It will cover a 35’×40′ wide area, so you don’t have to buy a ridiculous number of motion sensors to cover your entire home. Instead, it can be done with just 4 to 5 sensors.

Nonstop Monitoring

If you think the 35’×40′ range feature is good, the 24/7 monitoring feature will definitely make these ADT motion sensors even better. Whether it’s day or night, the ADT motion sensors will operate overtime to keep your home safe. That means that ADT specialists will stay alert 24/7. If an emergency occurs, they will immediately contact either you or the authorities as soon as possible.

3 Step Guide on How to Remove ADT Motion Sensor from a Wall

Removing an ADT motion sensor from a wall is not a difficult or time-consuming task, given that you do it properly. (1)

For this process, you’ll require a flat screwdriver.

Step 1 – Remove the Front Cover

screwing the sensor to open
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First and foremost, disconnect the main power supply that connects to the motion sensor. Then, use the screwdriver to loosen the screw that holds the front cover of the motion sensor.

removing the cover of the sensor
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Now, remove the front cover.

Step 2 – Pull Out the Battery

removing the battery of the sensor
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After removing the front cover, locate the battery. Then pull out the battery to expose the slot.

Step 3 – Separate the Motion Sensor

taking out the sensor from the case
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Now, you can see a slot that holds the motion sensor to the wall. Take the screwdriver and press it against the slot. Hold the slot with the help of a screwdriver, and move the motion sensor downwards. If you do these steps correctly, the motion sensor should come off quite easily. (2)

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