How to Remove a Zone from an ADT Alarm System?

A zone is nothing but a slot on the control panel of an ADT sensor. Sometimes these zones get damaged and need replacement. Press and release the “ready” key to identify the damaged zones.

To remove a zone from your alarm system, you need to follow a simple process. 1) Disarm your ADT alarm system first. 2) Select “zones” to show all active zones (e.g., doors, windows, etc.) in your home. Choose the zone you want to remove (bypass). 3) Enter your user code. Now you have successfully removed the zone without tripping your ADT alarm.

Here it’s noteworthy to mention that all ADT panels are not the same. You should read and understand their respective manuals. If the manual is not available then you can find one on the website. Luckily, the procedure for removing a zone from your ADT panel is quite easy.

The Procedure of removing a zone from your ADT sensor system

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You will need the following tools to remove the disabled sensors from your windows or the door:

  • A blow dryer or hot air
  • Screwdriver
  • Racer blade or a knife
  • Putty knife

To carefully remove a zone from your ADT alarm system, you need to follow these simple steps. In general, most ADT panels need a user code, which is nothing but a 3-digit zone number.

  1. Disarm your ADT system. You cannot remove a zone when the system is armed. Make sure to disarm your system first otherwise, the bypassed zones will be canceled automatically. To disarm your system: enter your user code, holding down the OFF key.
  2. Select the zone you want to remove. When you select “zones”, the list of zones on your ADT system will pop up. Now select the specific zone you want to remove.
  3. Enter your user code. Once you type your user code, the system will successfully bypass the selected zone.

Now you can proceed and remove the sensors from your windows and doors.

There are 2 types of sensors – wireless and wired sensors. For each type, I have provided the steps you need to follow.

How to remove wireless ADT sensors?

You need the following tools (procedure included):

  • Blow-dryer or hot air. Use to heat up, and soften the silicone. It will stick/reinforce the sensor. (1)
  • A razor blade or knife. Cut through the silicone lining that the sensors are reinforced with. Slide through the adhesive placement to access the sensor. Be careful.
  • Putty knife. We use a putty knife to remove the sensor.

Removing a wired ADT sensor

The steps for removing wired sensors are almost the same. Just one extra thing: you will need to pull the wires through the wall.

Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove the wires running through the window and the door ADT sensors. Pull out the wires from the sensor and the control panel of your ADT. You need to pull the wires through the hole.

How to remove recessed wired ADTs

man taking out the door sensor
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If your ADTs are recessed within door or window frames, use your finger to pry them out. You alternatively can use a screwdriver. The unconnected magnet will appear first, pull it out. Now you can easily remove the wires. (2)

For the sensors that have been screwed into wood or sheetrock, remove the magnet first. This will enable you to access the screws located on the base plate.

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