How Long Does an ADT Battery Last?            

Batteries don’t have an unlimited shelf life and using them on alarms can tax them making them run out quickly. So, one must have a clear understanding of the type of batteries and their longevity to be prepared.

Here, I will guide you in battery length and picking the correct battery for the ADT alarm system. Also, ill let you know how to increase your ADT battery’s longevity.

The wireless ADT alarm system uses an AA-type battery. ADT claims that their batteries generally last for approximately 3 to 5 years. But this depends on a few factors like;

1. Battery type,
2. Temperature, and
3. Placement of your ADT battery.

Prime Factors behind a Batteries Durability

  1. Battery Type. It impacts the lifespan of your ADT battery. There are 2 types of batteries available on the market. The alkaline, and the lithium-ion battery types. Generally, lithium-based batteries yield less power than alkaline batteries. Lithium-based batteries are lighter. They can last up to twice the amount of time their alkaline counterparts do.
  2. Temperature. The climate of your region can affect the lifespan of your ADT battery. Extreme high temperatures cause your ADT battery to drain more power. Your ADT system might end up malfunctioning or fail early if you place the battery directly in the Arizona sun for example. Either hot or cold, both extreme conditions are toxic for your battery. The best temperature range for ADT batteries is 50 to 77 Fahrenheit. Make sure you maintain optimal conditions for your ADT battery. Apart from extreme temperatures, humidity affects the ADT sensor system. Low humidity levels make the ADT sensors draw power faster. (1)
  3. Placement. The strategic placement of your ADT sensor system is crucial. Water droplets from trees and other things near your sensor are very dangerous. Keep it in a safe place.

When and How to Replace your ADT Sensor Battery?

If a trouble signal appears either on your keypad or your mobile app, it’s time to replace your ADT battery. Set the ADT to test mode and then follow these steps for replacing your ADT sensor battery. (2)

open the adt batter case

  • Visit
  • Select “My Alarm” in the dashboard
  • Proceed to system management
  • Select “Test System” and set your system to test mode
  • Now using a flathead screwdriver, push the tab
  • Replace all the batteries (make sure you maintain correct polarities)
  • Change the front concealment by snapping it into place
  • Finally, go back to and exit from the test mode

adt battery opened for replacement

Now you should have a clear understanding of how long your ADT battery lasts. You are also well aware of when and how to replace your faulty ADT Sensor Battery.

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