What Does Cellular Failure Mean on ADT?

One of the best features of ADT security systems is that you can link them to a cellphone. Linking or pegging your ADT to your mobile device enables you to track the ADT sensor conveniently. However, it often comes with Cellular Failure issues. If the GSM fails to communicate, your ADT will encounter a Cellular Failure.

A Cellular Failure renders the GSM unable to communicate. The alarm panel fails to send a signal to the Security Monitoring Centre via a mobile phone network. Hence Cellular Failure occurs. To fix this, you need to get in touch with your ADT Monitoring Company.

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During a Cellular Failure event, the alarm panel signal is sent to the backup system. It serves as an advisory alarm. It means the backup system has failed. Hence the signals aren’t delivered. Here GSM is the only means of communication. (1)

The signal indicates that the system is unable to communicate, and it fails to re-establish communications.

You should consider changing phone service providers.

Troubleshooting Cellular Failure on ADT sensor system

At first, enter into the “test mode” of your ADT sensor panel before attempting to make any adjustments. You are likely to cause more damage to your ADT system if you do not follow this procedure.

You need to check some common aspects of your ADT before reaching out to your monitoring company.

  • You should find out if a network tower that serves your area is damaged or not
  • Check out if your battery has drained out
  • See if your cellular communicator is functioning properly
  • Check if there was a power outage
  • Check if your internet status is good

Cellular communications in ADT sensors

We recommend the use of cellular communications if your internet connection is unstable. Cellular communications are often just as if not more reliable. They overcome extended outage challenges provided you have stable cellular signal strength. (2)

So, always check if your cellular communicators have a strong cellular signal. It’s crucial in preventing Cellular Failure. You must make sure your cellular communicator is from a trusted company. If they are fake or faulty, you may experience Cellular Failure often.

Contact your ADT sensor company

The ADT system company monitors Cellular communications. That means it will be difficult for you to identify the root of your Cellular Failure. You may face the same issues time and time again. In such cases, the ADT Company technicians are your last resort.

The ADT technicians can access their product, dig deep, and make a solution. If the issue is far beyond your scope to handle, then it is their turn.

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(2) internet connection – https://www.xfinity.com/hub/internet/internet-connections

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