Can A Nest Thermostat Be Hacked (And How to Secure it)

Google Nest Thermostat

Your Nest thermostat connects to your phone providing information like your movements and private data. A common question with nest thermostats in this age of hacking and hackers is whether or not they can be hacked. You don’t want to be afraid that some teenage hackers or worse yet vandalized have decided to break into … Read more

Does Ecobee Work Without Wi-Fi

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

You can use your ecobee3 with a wireless network or cable/DSL modem. But does it work without these features? We explain what does and does not work. Yes, without a Wi-Fi connection, your ecobee3 will function and work as a traditional thermostat; To register and make an ecobee account, you need to connect the ecobee … Read more

“Hue Light Unreachable” (Error and How You Can Fix It)

hue light

Philips Hue bulbs are among the most innovative new lights available for your smart home. Several Hue devices, however, have faults, one of which is the Hue light being unreachable. This error is usually caused by a network outage. This is the temporary inaccessibility of the hue bridge. 1. Check the Bulb People frequently have … Read more