Chamberlain vs Genie (What You Need To Know – 2022)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying Chamberlain and Genie sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.


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  • Smartphone Compatible
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 50 ft. Maximum Range
  • Lithium Battery

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  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Up to 3 Garage Doors
  • Virtual Keys
  • Works w/ Alexa & Echo

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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


Garage door openers have become an essential part of every home. Chamberlain and Genie are among the most used garage door openers in the US.

Some may still want to break into your garage door or try to pick the lock on it, and as a security installer when I was choosing garage door openers for different clients, I always had to choose between these two great brands. After years of installations, I have a few insights I would love to share.

Below I give a complete comparison of the Chamberlain vs Genie garage door opener.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub


MYQ Smart Garage Hub allows you to open and close your garage door anywhere through your smartphone.

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The security provided by this garage door hub lies in setting the time to close the garage door, and right away, receive alerts in your phone once the door is being opened or closed.

Genie ALKT1 R Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener


Aladdin Connect Smart Phone Connectivity probably is one of the smartest as it offers time-based features.

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Genie’s Aladdin Connect includes a virtual key and timeframe set up, which could be a temporary or permanent one for opening and closing your garage door.

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MyQ Smart Garage™ Hub

Aladdin Connect Kit

‎Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

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  • Yes


  • Yes
  • Yes

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Info current as of 10/08/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Chamberlain vs Genie: Similar Features

Soundless Performance

There can be a lot of disruption with sound and vibration through the operation of the opener. However, Chamberlain and Genie provide a soundless model to remove that problem. The Genie comes with a 140V DC motor which is lightweight and runs smooth and super-quietly. The motor has a soft start button, providing smoother operation. The Chamberlain garage door openers have a steel-reinforced belt drive and a motor vibration isolation system that removes powerhead vibration, providing much less noise. (1)

Winner: Chamberlain

DC Belt Drive System with 3/4 HPS

Strengthening its performance, Chamberlain and Genie use smart and operative belt drive systems. The power is provided by the ¾ HPS DC Belt Drive System that is enough to lift a heavy garage door (up to 500 lbs. and towering up to 8ft) smoothly.

Winner: Both

Safety Sensors

The garage doors should ensure the safety of a person or obstacle coming in the way while closing. Thus having effective sensors for safety is important. Here both doors keep the highest standards for user’s safety. Chamberlain models have built-in safety sensors to avoid obstacles by stopping the door from closing. In the same way, Genie models contain beams through the door opening to alert users and reverse the door if an obstacle is in the way.

Winner: Genie

If you want to know how to bypass the garage door sensor, you may try to check this learning article here.


The installation procedure is complex and difficult for both Chamberlain and Genie. It has to be done with the help of an expert, but DIY instructions are also provided.

Winner: Chamberlain

Chamberlain vs Genie: Differences

Smart Control

Chamberlain and Genie garage door openers work differently with smart controls. They both differ in features in terms of smart control. Chamberlain has an MYQ smartphone Control Technology that allows you to monitor opening anywhere. You have access to Android and iOS applications from which you can operate them miles away. Likewise, Genie has an Aladdin Connect application to control the garage doors opening. Although the application for smart door opening is purchased separately, unlike the MYQ. The Applications help you use remotes, set timers and fetch real-time notifications.  The authorization to access can be given to multiple users, and you can also monitor history. Genie Aladdin Connect is an ideal option if you’re looking to pay a little extra for the best smart features.

Winner: Genie

Wireless Compatibility

The most commonly used wireless control systems are HomeLink and Car2U, offering a majority of the smart features for these products. Genie models have a more effective medium for wireless compatibility. Genie associates with both HomeLink and Car2U control systems, excluding the need for a separate repeater box or compatibility bridge. Though not all Chamberlain models are compatible with these control systems. These can only work if your vehicle is on HomeLink 3.0 and a separate repeater box is needed to connect to your Chamberlain garage opener. Genie has an edge here, having compatibility for any HomeLink or Car2U systems. 

Winner: Genie

Motor Durability

Most motors have a lifespan of about 10-15 years, even though companies have a standard warranty of 3-5 years. Chamberlain offers a warranty of five years while Genie offers a warranty of 10 years.

Winner: Genie

Backup of the Battery

Chamberlain has a 24-hour charging built-in battery when connected to the AC supply. While Genie also provides a backup battery option but it has to be purchased separately. In this case, Chamberlain is more convenient as it provides a built-in battery backup option without any additional purchase.

Winner: Chamberlain

Chamberlain vs Genie: Safety and Security Comparison

Many features are involved when comparing the safety and security between Chamberlain and Genie. Chamberlain is worth buying for the bang for the buck. The security is improved and most suited as the code changes whenever the door closes. It also has a force monitoring system. The device has lights that are activated with motion detection. (2)

While Genie has an analytic Sense Observing technology that has the potential for garage movement, this auto-seek dual-frequency through pre-programmed remote turns on if movement in the garage is observed. Intellicode 2 technology code for accessing the garage can be changed every time after using the door.

The Safe-T-Beams in Genie SilentMax 1200 helps you ensure security for your family. It easily detects motion anytime on the closing of the door to stop the closing of the door, reversing it to function while opening it for extra safety.

Chamberlain and Genie add additional accessories for security and functionalities to establish great extra features for garage door openers.

Chamberlain Accessories

Remote Light


Connecting it to the MyQ app, you can use smart lighting for your garage.

Garage Door Monitor


You can have live monitoring for up to 4 doors that ultimately alter the opening and closing of the garage doors.

Garage Internet Gateway


It enables the connection and communication to the server.

Genie Accessories

Battery Backup


Makes up for no built-in battery backup is provided, works with Aladdin connection.

Channel Belt Extension Kit

You can install garage door openers easily.

Led Light Bulb


Additional security is compatible with all garage door opener brands.

Wrapping Up

Chamberlain and Genie both have their positives and negatives. It depends on what you want, the ease and expense, to what level you can put in. Somehow it isn’t easy to decide when choosing between Chamberlain and Genie. Genie is a perfect choice for you to gain HomeLink and Car2U compatibility. It is more flexible than Chamberlain that only functions through current systems.

Moreover, Genie requires the purchase of an additional battery while Chamberlain comes with a built-in battery backup. Furthermore, your decision can fluctuate looking at the smart control features, which are different for both models. The Genie model requires an Aladdin Connect to access the smart features. On the other hand, the Chamberlain has a bit of an advantage in these smart features but also needs the purchase of different accessories with it. Ultimately, it totally depends on the features that you need to choose for yourself.

For your buying decision, you may look at the differences and similarities. Generally, both offer great performance, quality, and functionality from the traditional garage door openers. They both offer the best security and safety options in the current industry. I, hope this article will help you choose the right and better garage door opener.  


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