How To Break into a Garage Door (5 Expert Methods)

We have all been there. You want to go into your garage, but you have no car key or remote control, and the gate is closed. So what do you do? Well, here is an easy way to get inside your garage without any keys or remotes.

In general, the easiest way to break into your garage door is to use the emergency latch to do this… 

1) Insert a wedge at the top of your garage door to make enough space for a coat hanger

2) Use the coat hanger to reach the emergency release and pull it

Below we’ll go into more detail on the full process.

5 Easy Methods to Open a Locked Garage Door Without a Key

1. Pull the Emergency Latch

pull latch

This is the quickest and easiest way to enter your garage without using any key. You can reach for the emergency latch to open the garage door from the outside. But how do you get to it?

Generally, you can find the emergency latch 6 inches away from the garage door. A coat hanger might be handy. If you don’t have a coat hanger, you can use a stiff hooked wire instead. Once you have the tools needed, here are ways to pull a garage’s emergency latch:

Step 1: Insert a wedge at the door’s top side to give you space. However, if you already have enough space, you may not need a wedge anymore.

Step 2: Slip in your coat hanger or stiff hooked wire at the top of the garage door. Feel around until you find the cord of the emergency latch.

Step 3: Once you catch the cord of the emergency latch, pull your coat hanger or stiff hooked wire through the door.

Step 4: Pull the latch down. Once you have pulled it, open your main garage door and press the release button.

Check the video below;

2. Pick the Lock on the Garage Door

picking the lock

You can try opening your garage door by picking the lock. If you have the right tools, you can open your garage.

You will need a diamond pick and an L-key to pick your garage’s lock. Insert the L-key at the bottom part of the keyhole and place the diamond pick at the top. Repeatedly lift the tumblers until the lock can be rotated and opened. 

This method will not work for you if you have an electronic garage. Garage doors installed with electronic openers do not have a physical lock. These methods only work on a garage that has visible door locks outside.

Check the video below;

3. Through the Garage Window

garage window

Some garages have windows for ventilation and light. These can be an entry point for you. You can get inside your garage by simply going through the window. Always remember to be aware of the surroundings as you enter through the window to ensure that you do not injure yourself. 

4. Through an Access Code

Garage doors that use remotes to open usually have a keypad by the door. Enter your access code on the keypad, and the door will open. If you have forgotten your code, you can call your security provider to go through an authentication process for a new one. (1)

This only works for some garage doors. If your garage doesn’t have an access code keypad, this method will not help you.

5. Use a Code Grabber

Commonly, automatic garage door openers use similar codes. Since all doors use the same signal and code, any remote could open them. You can purchase a remote or borrow one from your neighbor and try it to enter your garage.

This method only works on an old garage door opener. The new model of garage door openers is installed with security that changes the security code after every use.

How to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage

The most effective way of keeping your garage safe from burglars is to think like one. I have taught you how to open your garage without using any keys. And now, I will be teaching you how to keep burglars out of your garage to protect your property. 

Keep the Doors Locked

The simplest thing to secure your garage is to keep your doors locked. Burglars often take advantage of houses that are not secure. Increase your security by keeping your doors locked, especially when you are not around the house. 

Secure the Emergency Release by Using a Zip Tie

zip tie

You can insert a small zip tie through the holes in the release lever and to another spot that slides the door open. This way, the emergency latch will not be easily pulled using a coat hanger. 

You will still be able to use the emergency release with force in an emergency.

Invest in a Door Devil

Some garages usually have side doors, which burglars usually break into using a pry bar. If you are willing to spend money, you can purchase a door devil. The door devil prevents forced entry which adds more protection to your doors. These devices are screwed into the ground, making it difficult for burglars to kick open your door.

Install Motion Sensing Lights

motion sensing light

Putting in some additional security features is a good idea. Thieves work in the dark. Installing motion-sensing lights is an excellent method. 

Once the light detects motion, it will automatically turn on and stays on for a while enough to scare off a burglar. These motion-sensing lights may also come in handy for you.

Install an Alarm in your Garage

An alarm in your house may not be enough to keep your garage safe. Unlike window alarms that respond only to shattered glass or blunt damage, garage door alarms can sense motion and send out an ear-piercing alarm, enough to deter thieves and warn you when anyone breaks in.

Purchase Automatic Deadbolts for your Garage Door Lock

Burglars know how to pick your garage doors. They have different tools that can help their break-in. Installing an automatic garage door lock is an excellent solution for this. It might not be a bit savvy, but you can purchase automatic deadbolts to secure your garage if you have spare money. Deadbolts work automatically with your garage opener, which will lock and unlock every time your door is opened or closed.

Protect Your Service Door

Once burglars have access to your service doors, they can quickly get inside your house too. It is essential to keep your service doors secured.

Burglars can break easily into your service doors when they have standard locks. Upgrade your door’s security with a deadbolt. Your door’s weakest point is the strike plate, where the lock and the door meet. These devices can prevent burglars from kicking open your door easily.

Upgrade your Garage Door

Burglars can easily break into your old garage doors. You can upgrade your garage door for better security if you have the money. The new models of garage doors have unique features that can keep burglars away. These features will make your garage much more difficult to break into.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are garage doors safe?

A garage door connected to an opener is pretty secure. Unfortunately, garage doors are not the only way burglars can break into your house. There are still a couple of ways thieves may try to enter your garage. That is why it is our responsibility to keep our security high to keep burglars away from our garage.

(1) authentication process –

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