The Lorex Doorbell Chime – Complete Kit Review

lorex doorbell chime

Nowadays, smart doorbells are becoming just as common as regular doorbells, thanks to their convenience and reliability. Now we can practically have zoom calls over our doorbells and chat with people on our doorways without getting up and opening the door in many cases. While there are a lot of companies providing such products these … Read more

Do Lorex Cameras Have Audio?

Lorex 1080p HD Smart Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Having a home security camera system correctly installed will do wonders for you. What about a camera system with audio capturing features? Even better. Right? In this post, we will cover whether Lorex cameras have audio and delve deep into their audio features. Some of the selected Lorex camera models come with a built-in microphone … Read more

How to Fix Lorex Audio Not Working Issues (4 Fixes)

Lorex HD Ultra NVR security camera

Audio features in your Lorex video surveillance system are a huge value add to convenience and security. Whether it’s a one-way “listen in” capability or a two-way communication application, audio improves the security coverage of your house or business by allowing you to identify and evaluate stored footage with greater accuracy. However, audio sometimes malfunctions … Read more

How to Deal with your Lorex Not Recording

lorex night vision's footages

For people who have a Lorex system that is not recording, they need to check their settings as it might be set up to record only when there is motion. If the system is not recording, there may be a specific reason you can troubleshoot why the system decides not to record. Let’s discuss the … Read more

How to Login to a Lorex Security System from a Computer

woman with login window using her laptop

To access your DVR from a Windows computer, you will need to first download the Lorex Client 11 software from the Lorex website. Once installed, you can simply enter your DVRs IP address in your web browser to access it. In some cases, you may need to use a DDNS address instead of the device’s … Read more

How to Fix Your Lorex Motion Detector

people in a conference room captured by a lorex camera

If you have a Lorex motion-activated camera, you may experience issues with the motion sensor not working. This can be caused by a number of problems. If you encounter this problem, there are several steps you can take to fix it. Why is my motion detector not working? The sensitivity level of the motion detector … Read more

Lorex Hard Drive Replacement

a professional man holding an HDD

If you are using a Lorex security camera system, having a proper storage method is essential. Sometimes, you might run out of storage space. Or sometimes you might have to replace the old hard disk with a new one. Either way, learning how to replace a Lorex hard drive is a must for do it … Read more

Lorex Push Notifications Not Working: Quick Fix Guide

man's hand holding a tablet with a digital notification icon

I’ve heard a lot lately about issues with Lorex push notifications not working. It can be pretty frustrating when you’re expecting an alert notification about what’s happening around your property, and, well, nothing happens. The issue could be your device’s settings, an outdated Lorex app, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, or even needing a simple system restart. … Read more

How to Setup a Lorex Remote Viewing PC

a blurry head of a man viewing cctv footages on pc

Are you looking for a speedy way to watch your Lorex client security camera stream on your computer? Today we’ll discuss Lorex pc remote viewing. The FLIR Cloud Client is one of the desktop applications to make camera remote viewing possible. You can use this viewing service and have your Lorex remote access available on … Read more

Reasons Why the Lorex Playback is Not Working (How to Fix)

lorex playback setting

When intending to access a video stream in the Lorex Home app, you may receive the following error message: Play failure, click to refresh, or just plain black. In general, the Lorex device playback not working issue is caused by: Not enough electricity or there isn’t any at all. Video output is not supported. The … Read more

How to Turn Off a Lorex Motion Light (3-Step Guide)

lorex floodlight motion detection setting on phone app

Lorex security cameras and setups are always equipped with motion detection. However, specific systems can also include enhanced motion detection, intelligent motion sensors, or human detection. They also contain a camera LED light adjacent to the lens that shows activity or status. But how can you get a Lorex camera to turn off the motion … Read more