Do Lorex Cameras Have Audio?

Having a home security camera system correctly installed will do wonders for you. What about a camera system with audio capturing features? Even better. Right? In this post, we will cover whether Lorex cameras have audio and delve deep into their audio features.

Some of the selected Lorex camera models come with a built-in microphone that can capture any sound in the surroundings. You can find lots of Lorex HD cameras that have the ability to record audio. These cameras use coax cables to transmit audio feeds.

How to Find Out About your Lorex Security Camera Audio Capabilities

Whether Lorex security cameras have audio depends on the model you have installed, Let’s go through ways to check whether your model is compatible.

Method 1: First, check your device’s user manual. If you do not have the user manual, go to the official Lorex technology website and download it.

Method 2: This is an old-fashioned yet effective method. Inspect the camera body for a built-in microphone. You might be able to spot a small hole, and that is the microphone.

Here are some audio recordable IP Security Cameras and Nocturnal Security Systems.

ModelNo. of CamerasColor
Lorex Nocturnal 4K 16-Channel Wired NVR System Plus Smart IP Cameras4, 8, 12, 16Black, White
Lorex Nocturnal 4K 16-Channel Wired NVR System Plus Smart IP Dome Cameras4, 8, 12, 16Black, White
NVR System with 4K 16-Channel Fusion IP Dome Cameras Plus Listen-In Audio8,10,12,16Black, White
NVR System 4K 8-Channel Fusion IP Dome Cameras Plus Listen-In Audio4, 6, 8Black, White
NVR System 4K 32-Channel IP Dome Cameras Plus Listen-In Audio16, 24, 32Black, White

How to Setup LNR Series NVR to your Audio Security Camera

As mentioned earlier, having an audio camera can come with many benefits, and it will add an extra layer of protection to your home or workplace. In this section, we are going to talk about how to set audio recording for your camera with a built-in microphone or without one.

Recording Audio with a Camera that Has Built-in Microphone

If your Lorex camera has audio recording capabilities, setting up the camera with your LNR Series NVR is not a difficult task at all. LNR Series NVR supports audio recording.

Step 01: Connect the camera to the LNR Series NVR using an Ethernet cable. With that simple step, your audio-recordable security camera is now online.

Note: You will have to connect the microphone to a power source. (1)

Recording Audio with a Camera that Does Not Have a Built-In Microphone

Not every Lorex camera has a built-in microphone. So, you might end up with such a device. But, to record audio with that type of device, you will need an external microphone.

Step 1: First, connect the camera with an LNR Series NVR using an Ethernet cable. (2)

Step 2: Then, connect the external microphone to the camera using another Ethernet cable.

Tip: After connecting the camera, you might have to enable the audio recording option on your LNR Series NVR.

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(1) power source –
(2) Ethernet cable –

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