Lorex Factory Reset

For those who are looking for a security camera system with night vision capabilities and 4K video qualities, Lorex is the best option.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most searched topics related to Lorex cameras on the internet, going through a Lorex factory reset.

To activate Lorex IP camera factory defaults settings, first, connect the camera to NVR/DVR via Ethernet cable. Then locate the reset button. Disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable while pressing the reset button. Finally, restart the Lorex camera.

Even though the above brief introduction is only for resetting Lorex cameras, in this post, we are planning to discuss two topics; a Lorex IP camera factory reset and Lorex DVR factory reset. So, let’s get started.

How to Reset Lorex DVR to Default Settings?

In this method, we will talk about how to activate Lorex DVR default settings without a password. When you use Lorex DVR/NVR a couple of things could happen. Sometimes, you could forget the password. Or to fix the device’s malfunctions, you might have to reboot the DVR/NVR. Either way, you will require some technical knowledge regarding the Lorex DVR/NVR. (1)(2)


If you lose your password, you cannot reset the password by yourself. For security reasons, Lorex doesn’t allow that. Therefore, you won’t be able to reset the DVR/NVR. If you forget your password, you will have to contact Lorex support. Call technical support and inform them of your issue. You might have to provide personal information and details about the DVR/NVR. After that, they will provide you with a new password.

How to Contact Lorex Support?

You can contact Lorex technical support via the 1.888.425.6739 phone line. Apart from that, the customers can contact support for sales-related inquiries such as the status of an order or refund status. (3)

How to Reset the Lorex IP Camera to Default Settings?

Even though at the beginning of the article, we discuss this topic briefly, here we are planning to get into some details.

Step 01: First, ensure that the camera is connected to the DVR/NVR using an Ethernet cable.

Step 02: Press the reset button located on the base or the back of the camera. And don’t forget to hold the button until the process is completed.

lorex reset button


Step 03: While holding the reset button, unplug and plug in the Ethernet cable.

Step 04: If you follow the above process correctly, the camera should go into default settings. Finally, restart the camera.


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