How to Reset the Swann H.264 DVR Password (6-Option Guide)

The H.264 DVR is an exceptionally well-known nonexclusive video recorder made by a large number of producers all around the world and promoted through many brand names! This article will assist you in the event that how to reset the password of the device(H. 264 DVR). We’ve listed 6 of the most proficient methods and strategies to reset the H.264 Network DVR’s password.

Be sure to attempt all of them till you find a method or strategy that works the best for you!

Swann Alpha D03C5 SWA43 D3C5 8 Channel H.264 DVR

6 options to reset your password:

  • Option 1: The DVR factor default password
  • Option 2: DVR Password Generator
  • Option 3: Resetting the DVR using firmware upgrade
  • Option 4: Rearranging the DVR by removing the battery
  • Option 5: Resetting the DVR using a Jumper
  • Option 6: Resetting the DVR using Telnet

Option 1: The DVR factory default password

Swann Alpha D03C5 SWA43 D3C5 8 Channel H.264 DVR and 4 CCD Weather Resistant Cameras

Attempting to use the DVR’s default password is a key strategy to reset H.264 Network DVR’s password. Normally, the DVR’s first password is rarely changed. Check the DVR maker’s manual or their website for the default password. It is highly possible that your DVR’s default password is recorded there (the blank space on the password box shows that you should leave the password box unfilled). Additionally, you can also find out more about the default passwords via this strategy!

Option 2: DVR Password generator

DVR Password generator

There are numerous CCTV producers who offer password generators to permit executive admittance to their CCTV items. There are two ways in which this is done. Normally, they use the current date of the security framework to produce a strong password. Other CCTV producers might make use of the serial number of the product!

A great deal of the recorders available is produced in China and generally speaking remarketed or relaunched by various outsider organizations. This can be seen by looking at the UI which is actually something very similar across several brands such as HD iDVR, Everfocus, Everest, Sansco, Luxvision 5716, 6008T-EL, HA-1648, CP-Plus, Citrox, BB-4CH, Yoko, TVT, Super Live Pro DVRs and other nonexclusive brands essentially named “H.264 DVR”.

Assuming your DVR has a login screen like the one shown below, then, at that point, it’s most probably an H.264 conventional DVR. Note: the UI might have been additionally altered by one of the 3rd party organizations.

If you’re looking to figure out the date on your security framework DVR, try running the machine and checking the timestamp on the screen. The date is utilized by the password generators to generate an exceptional password.

Important note: DVR password generators will work just with explicit DVR models.

  • HiSilicon DVR Password Generator

In the event that your DVR runs on a chip made by Hisilicon, you can actually use the Hisilicon password generator to get a good password for your recorder. This generator only works with these models: Hi3511, Hi3512, Hi3515, Hi3520, Hi3531, Hi3532, Hi3521, Hi3520A, Hi3535, Hi3520D, Hi3530A, Hi3535A.

You can find 3 forms on the web, on which the Hisilicon H.264 DVR password generators will work for the above-mentioned models. Try attempting all of them individually until you’re ready to reset your H.264 DVR’s password.

  • Dahua DVR Password Generator

The Dahua DVR password generator is another good password generator to look into. Be sure to download it and test it out. The first thing to do after downloading is to type the year, month, and day (design YYYYMMDD) displayed on the DVR’s timestamp. Click on the “Create PW” button after entering the DVR date and the password will be generated on the password window. You can check it out on your DVR Network.

  • 264 DVR Password Generator

Like the Dahua DVR Password Generator, enter the date displayed on your DVR’s timestamp and the H.264 DVR Password Generator will come up with a new password for your DVR.

  • Excel DVR Password Generator

The Excel DVR password generator works the same way as the password generators mentioned above. All you’ll do is enter the date and the generator will produce an expert password.

Option 3: Resetting the DVR using a firmware upgrade

Swann Alpha D03C5

You can also reset your DVR by resetting the firmware. Firmware is normally provided by the manufacturer to enhance security and give updates to its customers. In some cases, manufacturers allow their customers to use firmware updates to reset their DVRs back to factory default settings! (1)

Important note: For this method, you’ll need to see if your DVR has access to an option like that.

Option 4: DVR readjustment by eliminating the battery

Swann Alpha D03C5 04

A couple of H.264 DVRs can be reset by another strategy: taking out the battery from the motherboard. By doing that, the clock of the framework will be reset and the DVR will return to its factory default settings, and you can log in by entering the current username and password.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the amount of time you’ll need to take the battery out relies on the DVR’s model number. Typically, it takes up to 10 minutes for the DVR to be reset to its factory default settings.

Just remember to keep the battery out until the DVR’s inward clock has gone back to its factory default setting and then proceed to take the battery out from the DVR.

Option 5: Resetting the DVR using a jumper

Swann Alpha D03C5 05

To reset your DVR using a jumper, you’ll want to open up the front of your DVR and find out where the reset pins are located on the motherboard. The Swann H.264 DVR model has these pins so this is another good strategy to use if you own a Swann H.264 DVR model. You can reset your model by closing the pins for up to 3 minutes.

Option 6: Resetting the DVR using a telnet

Swann Alpha D03C5 06

A DVR has a Linux working framework. In certain models, there is a method for getting to this framework and erasing the record that accesses the files that contain the password which will grant you access!

However, keep in mind that this method only works with DVRs with a chip made by a Chinese organization that acknowledges a Telnet connection. The H264 DVRs are models that are known to have this chip. So, if you’re going for this method, you’ll need to make sure that your DVR uses a chip that accepts a Telnet connection. If it does, you can proceed.

Below, we have listed a couple of simple steps in order to explain the process of resetting your DVR using a Telnet connection. It’s important to follow these steps if you’re planning on going with this method. (2)

  • First, you’ll need to connect your DVR to the network
  • After connecting your DVR to the network, you’ll have to download the Telnet client software. When it’s finished downloading, proceed to install the software.
  • Once it’s installed, use the Telnet client software to log into the DVR.
  • The next step is to locate a file labeled config.dat. Right-click on the file and select the “delete” option.
  • When the file is deleted, launch the DVR again using admin/admin.
  • The only thing left to do now is to come up with a new password for your DVR and you’re good to go!

Wrapping Up

That winds down our short tutorial on how you can reset your Swann DVR H.264 password by using 6 different methods and strategies! We think the strategies discussed throughout this article are very significant as we know how much of a hassle losing your DVR H.264 password can be.

If any of these methods don’t work out for you or if you still face any issues when resetting your DVR H.264 password, try contacting the seller and they’ll assist you further.

If someone you know is having trouble resetting their DVR H.264 password, make sure to share this guide with them!

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