Spy Camera Instructions

thumb-sized mini hidden camera

Some devices may be very convenient to use but do not have instructions that are simple to follow. Below we’ll go through some general steps that most spy cameras follow and list them easily. What Will You Need to Follow this Tutorial? Following this tutorial will require a few items usually included with a spy … Read more

Can a CellPhone detect a Hidden Camera?

phone detecting hidden camera in a hotel room - illustration

One way to detect a camera is to use a cell phone and a specific application to detect a hidden camera. The best methods are the following. Before we proceed, you may want to read more about the best spy camera in the market nowadays. Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera? Using a … Read more

What is the Smallest Camera you can Buy?

small hidden camera

There is a wide variety of small cameras or spy cameras that are used for various reasons. It is when people ask, “What is the smallest camera you can buy?” Size is significant, and a camera offers less than 1 inch in height, width, and length. It is a camera with excellent functionality that is … Read more

Best Way To Lock A Trail Camera (Expert Guide)

a man and his trail camera

I love hunting, and using a trail camera is one of my favorite ways to get a good look at the game without scaring it away. However, open and public trails lead to many issues, and many times, I found myself fuming when someone has stolen my game camera. Lately, I have been using a … Read more

DIY Trail Camera Security Box (Guide With Images)

trail camera

Trail cameras make capturing wildlife photos simple and fun. You can install them in the woods and let them do the work for you without fear of scaring away wildlife. However, even the sturdiest trail cameras could become exposed to several issues through either damage by an animal, theft, or harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, you … Read more

Mini Camera Instructions: (Quick Setup Guide)

a man's hand holding a box of mini blink camera

I initially hesitated using mini cameras, thinking they’d be difficult to set up and operate. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly they can be. Quick Instructions Summary – To begin, charge your mini camera using the provided USB cable. Most mini-cameras have an LED indicator that shows the charging status. Once fully charged, … Read more

Under Desk Camera (3 Great Ideas)

under desk camera ideas

Under a desk is a great place to hide your camera because it’s less visible and easier to manage. Installing a camera beneath the desk can help it go unnoticed. All you have to do is maintain a similar color scheme for the camera that matches your desk and ensure that the lens is not … Read more

How Do Mini Cameras Work?

mini camera

Simply put, these mini cameras work just like a normal camera. If you don’t know how one works, we can help you and give you some basics. This is how they work A mini camera creates pictures like any other digital video camera. The lens invites light, focusing on a cluster of light detectors.  Black-and-white … Read more

How to Find Hidden Spy Camera

hidden spy camera by AMZCEV

Spy/hidden cameras are making the news. The reason is not their special applications in multiple industries and research sectors but the dark side of their use. Hotels, airlines, agencies, and multiple sectors use hidden cameras to spy on people.  A piece of breaking news from 2019’s South Korean news was about paid live streams available … Read more

How to Hide a Mini Spy Camera

zoom in on spy camera

People who want to eliminate blind spots in a home often get a mini camera. When they start using this device, they wonder what the best way to hide it in a nice concealed way is. But before we proceed, here’s a mini camera guide for you to check and compare different models on, and … Read more

How to Make a Mini Camera?

usb spy camera in zoom

Many of these spy cameras, even small ones, function efficiently! Some users do not have the budget to afford this cost. It is possible to have a mini camera simply with just a few tools. Following the steps below, people can learn how to make a mini camera. They will be able to save money … Read more

How to Make a Spy Camera?

viewing cctv footages on phone app

People want to know how to make a spy camera to save money. With the right elements, it is very easy to have a homemade spy camera. Whether it is to keep an eye on visitors or keep an eye on a babysitter, this tool will be very useful. We leave you with all the … Read more