How to Make a Spy Camera?

People want to know how to make a spy camera to save money. With the right elements, it is very easy to have a homemade spy camera.

Whether it is to keep an eye on visitors or keep an eye on a babysitter, this tool will be very useful. We leave you with all the steps you need to follow.

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What Will You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

To build a homemade spy camera, you do not require many tools. People can save money by relying on the common tools and tech in their homes. The necessary tools are the following.

  • Smartphone with camera
  • Soldering iron
  • USB cable

The higher the quality of each item, the more convenient the user-made spy camera will be. You do not need specialized or advanced knowledge to make a homemade spy camera. And you may want to ask, can a cellphone detect a hidden camera? It can; you may want to check that guide to know more.

Step-by-Step Instructions

People can save some money by performing the following steps. Once all the right items have been gathered, making a wireless spy camera will be very easy.

1. Working with the Smartphone

a hand holding a device and a mini camera

First, it is necessary to remove the camera inside the phone. To do this, open the phone and work with the built-in green plate. At the top, we can see how the camera is connected to the green plate. Using a voltmeter, measure the values indicated on the end of each camera.

Then remove the camera and the material attached to it. It is necessary to remove part of the brown layer incorporated in this plate using a sharp object. The flash must also be removed as it is not the object we need to use. Once the camera has been removed, it is possible to continue with the next step.

2. Incorporate Connections

Using a small soldering iron, some small wires must be incorporated to connect with a micro USB cable. We are trying to establish a connection through the wires incorporated with the solder. This will allow connecting the camera removed from a phone to a USB cable.

It is recommended that all people using soldering have some experience, although the job is relatively simple. Each wire needs to be incorporated into the connectivity part of the camera.

3. Connect with a USB Cable

smallest spy camera

Exactly four-wire connections must be incorporated into the camera. Each of these four connections will connect to the internal wires of any USB cable. After removing the sheathing of a USB cable, this type of connection can be made. 

You can also use this same cable for the entire camera. We can obtain a USB cable with a spy camera at one end. The user can choose between a USB cable and a micro USB cable. The most recommended is a micro USB cable to use this spy camera with a smartphone. 

After choosing the right cable, the length should also be considered. A cable that is too short may not be useful or practical, depending on the needs of each user. A cable with the right length makes a spy camera more difficult to detect. 

4. Download the App

spy camera mobile app

We must download an application to use the spy camera we have created. It is best to look for Camera OTG through the Google Play Store or App Store. (1)

We must download an application to use the spy camera we have created. It is best to look for Camera OTG through the Google Play Store or App Store. 

5. Configuring the App

mobile app setting

Although it may seem an obvious step, it is necessary to know the app we have downloaded to avoid malfunctions when the camera is needed. The app can offer different functions such as zoom, brightness level, or different resolutions. (2)

It is necessary to download the application with specific functions according to the needs of each user. Free applications are usually the most basic; in some cases, essential functions such as video recording are not incorporated.

6. Test the Camera

testing the camera on the mobile app

The smartphone should be used to enter the application we have downloaded to use the spy camera we have created. The important thing is to check if the spy camera can provide a clear and accurate image at all times.

Wrapping Up

There may be some problems related to the camera when we cannot see the image. If there is any issue, we should check if we have correctly made the camera’s connections with the micro USB cable or USB cable. Some connections may be inadequate. 

People may also avoid using thermoplastic cables due to a lack of knowledge of their existence. When this cable is not incorporated, the connections are much more exposed, which means a shorter lifespan of the device we have created, and if you are not into making one, then you can just buy and read further this guide on how to set up a spy camera. Until next time!


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