How to Set Up a Spy Camera?

A hidden camera is fully configured when it can function well without arousing the slightest suspicion. Many people are surprised to learn how easy it is to set up a spy camera.

But, before you proceed, you may want to see the best spy camera here—guides on detecting spy cameras and making a spy camera.

What Will You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

To set up a spy camera, it is necessary to have some items. Some of these items may be a little more obvious than others. Making a list is always very useful to avoid forgetting an important step. The main items are as follows:

  • Small spy camera
  • Micro SD card
  • Suitable hiding place
  • Everyday objects
  • Paint for the spy camera structure

Some of these items become more important than others in certain circumstances. As a person has enough ingenuity, hiding a spy camera will become much easier.

FECOMI Mini Spy WiFi Camera

Step-by-Step Instructions

Setting up a spy camera can be a simple procedure that people do in a very short time. It is necessary to follow each of these steps with great care.

1. Install the Required App

To use a spy camera, it is necessary to have an application on a smartphone. Depending on the smartphone’s brand or model, we can find some applications in the Google Play Store or App Store. One of the most used for this type of situation is iMiniCam. 

To configure this application on the spy camera, it must be turned on and connected. Once you enter this app’s main menu, you can add a new device by choosing the direct connection option. This is the best way to use the spy camera when connected to a smartphone through a cable.

video icon

There is also the possibility of using a WiFi network after choosing the option of a direct connection to a WiFi device. The spy camera must have a connection or WiFi capability to provide this utility. 

2. Enable WiFi

Once the user is inside this application and has added the spy camera as a new device, the phone must be connected to the AP. When the person goes to this option, he will also be able to enable the WiFi network and choose the device. It is only a matter of choosing the spy camera to be able to make the connection. (1)

device setting

Sometimes the spy camera may not appear in the list of available devices within the application. When this happens, it is necessary to reset the spy camera by pressing the button for 4 seconds. After waiting for about 30 seconds, you should try to make a connection again. 

The WiFi connection between the spy camera and the smartphone allows various functions and configurations to be performed easily. The user can use the app from a smartphone to get the performance he needs every time.

3. Connect Power and Memory

A spy camera usually provides limited usage time if batteries are incorporated. The usage time does not usually exceed 4 hours of continuous operation. 

power cord

This limited usage time can be useful when combined with the motion detection feature. The results are very limited when using the spy camera continuously and at all times.

A power outlet may be the best way to use a spy camera without a time limit. This is done using a micro USB cable, a battery charger, and a power outlet. (2)

micro SD

Once this has been done, the micro SD memory card should be inserted. The Micro SD memory card slot is usually located near the micro USB port on most spy devices. 

4. Test Functionality

To test the functionality of the spy camera, the installation must be performed in a suitable location. It should be set up with the motion detector turned on. This only requires the main user to walk in front of it to check that the motion sensor is working properly.

spy camera

The user should receive some notification, and the spy camera should turn on when it detects motion. If you do not have the desired result, you can enter the application to incorporate each of the desired settings.

It is advisable to test each video recording mode, such as different resolutions. This allows you to count on the proper operation or modify the location of the spy camera at any time. 

Wrapping Up

Setting up a spy camera can be very simple when the user knows exactly what steps to perform. Different spy cameras do not always offer the same functionality.

Some models may require a much more complex or simpler configuration. There is always an instruction manual that can provide additional help.


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