How to Make a Homemade Driveway Alarm

A home entry alarm is a great way to enhance the security of any home in a simple way. Many different entry alarms are available on the market today.

For all the people that are a bit more frugal, there is a very efficient way to create a homemade entry alarm. These devices are very easy to install and provide great security against robbery.

Here’s the best driveway alarm guide for you to check later.

Creation of the Home Entry Alarm

We are talking about creating an alarm that is mainly a wireless motion sensor.

What’s needed:

  • Drill drill bits
  • Wire strippers
  • Soldering iron
  • Screwdriver
  • Motion sensor
  • 120v Outdoor/exterior white with plug
  • Wireless doorbell
  • Marquette connectors
  • Low voltage wire
  • Solder
  • 120v mechanical relay
  • Waterproof electrical box 

Once the person has all these items, he/she can start manufacturing this alarm for the home entrance. People choose this solution as an effective and economical method to protect the family.

1. First steps

electrical box

People will have the possibility to incorporate a different amount of sensors depending on the functionality they want to obtain in this alarm. The most common is to incorporate a motion sensor, although other options could also be considered. One of the best that you should consider is the product at Guardline, but what is Guardline? It is a device manufacturer specializing in a particular model that works as an outdoor motion sensor.

Depending on the sensors to be incorporated, a certain number of holes are needed in the waterproof electrical box.

Consider the size of the external electrical cable and the sensors, some exact holes must be made for that. This requires using a drill of some kind to obtain this result. (1)

2. Incorporate the Wireless Doorbell


This component will serve to let the user know the exact time when this device has detected a person. You need to define where the wires and the circuit board responsible for activating the alarm are located. It is necessary to separate the button from the wireless doorbell.

The user must determine which connections are soldered to the wire. It is best to have a multimeter and test the switch. The soldering can be done properly with a low-voltage wire.

Crossing the two wires connected makes it possible to check the correct operation of the doorbell. This will allow the user to continue assembling the doorbell switch.

3. Mounting Procedure

You should make the electrical connections between the outside wires and the motion sensor wires. Both wires must be carefully stripped. Considering the location of the relay, the doorbell wires must be connected.

The outdoor cable and motion sensors should be connected inside the waterproof box. The power supply wires of the motion sensor and the power supply wires of the outdoor cable should be connected with matte connectors.

You need to connect the common wires of the motion sensor to the common wires of the outdoor cable, together with an additional cable intended for the relay. The cable AND the switching cable should be connected next to the relay coil. Once all these connections are made, the result can be tested.

4. Installation

driveway with sensor for testing

You can perform the installation when you have finished with all the necessary connections inside the waterproof electrical box.

5. Additional Considerations

The waterproof electrical box must be large enough to incorporate all the elements inside. This is where the doorbell switch, wiring, and relay should be inserted. (2)

The motion sensor must be powerful enough to cover the entire area you decided to install this device. The sensitivity and the area that each motion sensor can cover are very important.


This type of alarm consists of two main components: a sensor and a receiver. The receiver receives the sensor signal informing the user of any issues. The sensor can detect different movements depending on its design and functionality.

Some sensors have random motion detection. This means that the sensor will detect any motion, regardless of whether it is animals, vehicles, or people. A break beam sensor or an infrared motion detector sensor can be a great way to be fully aware of what is happening around the home.

Another popular sensor can detect specific motions. Only particular objects or things are detected, such as the metal of a truck or a car. These sensors incorporate a probe or metal detector. The user will be able to count on a heavy metal detector.

The type of entry alarm you want to get, either wired or wireless, is very important. A wired entry alarm requires wires to link the receiver and the sensor. A wireless input alarm relies on an antenna to connect these two components.

The problem is that there may be some connection obstacles due to radio interference. 

Wrapping Up

Installing this device is relatively simple and does not require a large budget. This simple procedure can considerably increase the protection and security of a home.

And if you’ve decided to buy one among the best in the market, here’s your guide on installing a driveway alarm


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(2) switch –

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