How Do I Know Which Arlo Camera I Have (Guide)

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Arlo security cameras produce different models that offer different kinds of experiences. Arlo cameras appear identical, and they are all suitable for indoor or outdoor use. However, most people cannot tell which model of Arlo camera they own because these cameras can be hard to differentiate. In general, to know which kind of Arlo camera … Read more

How Long Do Arlo Batteries Take to Charge? (And How to Charge Them)

arlo battery dual charging

Different versions of Arlo cameras have different levels of resolution and battery life. As a security camera installer, I have managed to test many types of Arlo camera batteries at different times in their life cycles so I feel I can accurately answer this question as well as give some data. If you are wondering … Read more

Can I record with my Arlo Camera without a Subscription?

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The Arlo camera’s most important feature is its cloud storage capabilities. All Arlo cameras are intended to work on the cloud computing service, which stores all captured footage. Arlo is a subscription-based security system, which means you must pay for it every month. However, if you’re curious whether you may use your Arlo security devices … Read more

How to Turn off Arlo Camera without the App (Guide)

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I have noticed that most users are not familiar with the various features of their Arlo cameras. They think to turn off their Arlo security cameras, it is mandatory to have the Arlo Apps. Well, you can easily turn off your Arlo camera manually, or via the web interface. I will showcase a detailed procedure … Read more

How to Accept Arlo Invite (Guide)

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As a security installer, one of the most common questions I get pertains to the Arlo Invite and how to accept it.  In this guide, I will teach you how to accept an Arlo invite. Read to the end, and you will be able to seamlessly add your friends or a family member to your … Read more

What is Arlo Geofencing (And How To Set It Up)

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Arlo Geofencing alerts you whenever someone or something enters a pre-defined area of your property. It gives you security even if you forget to turn your cameras on as you leave. Arlo geofencing technology may be used to create timetables for resumes and control security cameras and motion sensors.  However, despite all these excellent factors … Read more

What Batteries Does Arlo Use (And How Long Do they Last?)

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Arlo is one of the top home security providers available on the market, especially for those looking for long-lasting battery life. Below we went through the specs and information of every single Arlo model to give you the info you need. Short on time? Check the below table for the latest models.   Arlo Ultra … Read more