What Does FC Mean On ADT Alarms

When installing ADT alarms one of the most frequent questions I get is regarding the FC code and why it’s appearing on a customer’s alarm. Troubleshooting issues can be difficult and we will go through this specific one in our guide below.

The FC code on your ADT alarm means it is not communicating as it should. FC, in this case, stands for Failed Communication. A common problem with ADT security systems, the FC error code on your ADT alarm is no cause for much concern on your part.

What does FC Mean on an ADT Alarm?

Your ADT alarm system communicates with the network and the monitoring firm via a phone line. At times, the connection is either not working or isn’t optimal. That’s why you see the FC error on the panel. You could blame the error code on multiple things, namely; (1)

  • Incorrect wiring of the panel.
  • Poor connection.
  • Damaged wiring of the actual phone.
  • External interference.
  • Faulty equipment (devices).
  • Service time out

What Does FC Mean on ADT Alarm System? – Fixing the Error Code

First and foremost, troubleshoot the ADT alarms system.

  • Inspect the wiring to see if it’s broken or damaged.
  • Check if the phone line is working.
  • Be on the lookout for loose connections.
  • If your ADT alarm system uses wifi, check if the internet connection is good.
  • Powering the central ADT alarm unit off and on might help resolve the problem.

Reset the ADT Alarm

Have you resolved the issue successfully? If yes, clear the FC error code on the screen by disarming the alarm. To reset the ADT alarm, follow these steps:

  • Input the System Master Code using the keypad.
  • Press the ‘off’ button.
  • Arm the ADT alarm system and check if the FC error message has cleared.

You need to understand that this method may not work for all panels. Reset the ADT alarm by entering your System Master Code followed by ‘5’.

What Does FC Mean on My ADT Alarm – The FC Code Doesn’t Clear

If the problem doesn’t go away, you may want to consider contacting ADT security. They will send their technician to resolve the issue. It could be an issue that’s beyond your expertise.

Visibly damaged or burned equipment demands the attention of a company technician for replacements.

Have you paid your ADT invoices?

At times, the FC code doesn’t clear even after troubleshooting. Before contacting ADT Security Company, check if you’ve paid the bills. It is not unusual for someone to forget to pay the bills and have the service cut without full notice. Failure to pay bills results in the automatic disabling of the alarm system. (2)

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