How to Use an ADT WiFi Camera without Service (Guide)

Just like many other security service providers, ADT also requires its customers to sign an agreement before you get the best of the smart security system.

ADT cameras together with other related smart home gadgets will not work well if they’re not monitored and linked by their servers.

To use an ADT wifi camera without service, an ADT Blue free subscription is the right choice. ADT Blue allows users to utilize a list of devices marketed separately or in stacks by ADT Security to use the ADT WIFI camera without service. Apart from the fact that you needn’t sign the service agreement, you are not required to pay any monthly service fee.

But, can you use ADT without a monitoring plan or an active service? In this post, you’ll find all the answers you need regarding this issue.

You’ll Need an ADT Monitoring Plan and Pulse Application – for optimal functionality

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Unfortunately, you cannot use the ADT WIFI security camera without service. Like most home security camera providers, ADT Security Company cameras request its customers to sign a contract agreement before accessing the home security program. Note that the CA must be signed before the security camera installation at your home.

  • As long as you agree to sign up for the service agreement, ADT Security provides free installation on several devices.
  • For the ADT WiFi security camera to perform optimally, it must be connected and monitored by its server systems. (1)
  • The best of everything in ADT security means being able to download and install Pulse. Pulse is an application that permits users of ADT WIFI cameras to access live footage, or videos kept on the ADT cloud. Pulse is the automation software that links users to a list of devices provided by the ADT Security Company, such as smart bulbs, smart home locks, smart switches, and smart home alarm keypads. This is unachievable without an active subscription.

What Are My Options?

Do you still want to use the ADT WIFI camera without service? You can still use an ADT WIFI camera without service. There are two options:

1. Buy ADT WIFI Camera Designed For Both Indoor And Outdoor Usage

The security company avails security cameras that function well for indoor and outdoor usage. If you don’t wish to sign the service agreement, you may use this option. There is a downside to this; you must sign the service agreement to record and store footage or view a live feed. Also, the company isn’t responsible for any issues associated with the performance and functioning of the home security system devices – without a service agreement.  

2. ADT Blue

ADT Security also offers ADT Blue – an exclusive service. It’s the first DIY security system by the company built from the ground up. With the help of this incredible service, homeowners can employ a DIY approach to install a tailor-made home monitoring system. ADT Blue allows users to utilize a list of devices marketed separately or in stacks by ADT Security to use the ADT WIFI camera without service. Apart from the fact that you needn’t sign the service agreement, you are not required to pay any monthly service fee.

adt blue

Some of the advantages of using Blue by ADT include;

  • Great tech equipment
  • Professional monitoring services without having to sign the 3-year service agreement.
  • The package includes three indoor, outdoor, and doorbell WiFi security cameras.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google’s Assistant as far as voice control is concerned. If you wish to add smart home devices like lights and locks from varying manufacturers, you will appreciate ADT Blue’s compatibility with Z-Wave.
  • It is a complete DIY service controlled primarily via a smartphone app.
  • There are three packages to choose from: Build Your Own System at $179.99, Starter System at $219.99, and Starter Plus System at $299.99.

ADT Blue’s two major disadvantages include;

  • The relatively limited selection of equipment.
  • Some level of complexity may put off some DIY buyers.

Wrapping Up

Can you use an ADT WIFI camera without service?

Well, it’s a no if you want to take full advantage of the professional monitoring systems.

Yes, if you don’t mind a limited selection of equipment and feel that ADT Security made ADT Blue for people like you. If customization appeals to you, the ADT Blue is great. To fit your needs, you can tailor its range of products, including cameras, motion sensors, and doorbells. And what’s more, you can use it anywhere. Whether a stand-alone home or a one-bedroom apartment, you can easily secure your home with ADT Blue. The free mobile app that allows you to control your system from anywhere is undoubtedly the icing on the cake. (2)

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