Do Lorex Cameras Need WiFi

A lot of Lorex installs in the past have been done in a wired manner. Whenever I have had customers looking to get a wired system installed they usually ask me if the Lorex camera needs wifi or if the wired functionality is enough to get it working.

With Lorex, you can find wired and wireless cameras. If your Lorex camera has wireless capabilities, you do not require an internet connection to initiate basic functions such as recording. But, to run your Lorex camera with its full functionality, the system needs an internet connection.

Lorex Wired and Wireless Security Cameras

When you choose Lorex security cameras, you can choose from two different options; Wired or Wireless. In this section, we will discuss these two camera types. So, let’s get started.

Wired Cameras

When it comes to wired cameras, Lorex offers two kinds of camera systems; an IP system and an analog system. Usually, wired cameras have a faster data transfer rate and are nearly unhackable. These Lorex wired cameras systems come with a set of cameras and DVR or NVR. (1)

IP Systems

These IP systems come with advanced technology and use Ethernet cables to receive power.

Analog Systems

If you are looking for a more economical option for 24/7 recording, analog systems should be your choice.

WiFi Security Cameras

There are two different Lorex wifi cameras. Here are some details about those two models.

Lorex Home Hub

For those who are looking to increase their home security, the Lorex Home Hub is the perfect option. This Lorex system connects directly with the Lorex Home app. Apart from that, the Lorex app handles other security devices such as door sensors and doorbells.

NVR WiFi Security System

With high storage capacity and flexible display options, the NVR WiFi Security System is the best option for a wireless camera. You can connect the NVR with the Lorex Cirrus app for smartphone monitoring. (2)

Do Lorex Security Cameras Always Need WiFi?

You now know there are two types of Lorex cameras available. A user can set up a wired or wireless camera without much trouble. But, when you use a wireless security camera, you do not need an internet connection for basic functions. For instance, you can record a video feed to the DVR or NVR via a wifi signal.

Even though most users get concerned while using wireless cameras. Especially worrying about wireless security. But, when you use a Lorex wifi camera, you don’t have to be concerned about wifi security. These WiFi cameras are equipped with the latest Lorex technology. So, hacking these Wi-Fi devices is nearly impossible.

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