What Does ADT Stand For

At the time of forming the ADT company in 1867, there were no phones. Companies communicated via Morse code and telegraphs. The switch operator on duty would link patch banks parallel to various locations for secure transmissions. For conversations requiring the least privacy, the operators would broadcast communication on a known frequency. Then trained personnel would tune in and then decode the message on the other end.

In short, ADT is an acronym for American District Telegraph – a security firm with headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla. established in 1867, back in the day, the company’s name was Gold and Stock Telegraph Company.

In this post, we answer three things:

  • What does ADT stand for?
  • What does ADT security stand for?
  • Why does ADT stand for security?

What is ADT?

ADT is an acronym for American District Telegraph – a security firm with headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla. established in 1867, back in the day, the company’s name was Gold and Stock Telegraph Company. (1)

ADT Enters the World of Security

Edward Callahan, the Founder of the American District Telegraph, built a telegraph-based call box. The call box was for signaling help to a central office. He speedily connected 50 other homes within the neighborhood. This was the first-ever residential security system network. Apollo Global Management bought ADT in February 2016 for $7 billion. AGB then merged ADT with Protection 1- another home security company.

Why Does ADT Stand For in Regards to Security?

ADT is the largest monitored security & home automation firm in North America. It has over six million customers. ADT in-house allows you to arm and disarm your home security system. You also get to track your home and control smart devices from anywhere. ADT in-house allows you to control your home security system from your mobile devices. You can also manage your Z-Wave-enabled smart devices from a home security system.

American District Telegraph offers three home security system packages, namely;

  • Basic
  • Smart home and
  • Video

With ADT you enjoy three window/door alarms, motion detection, round-the-clock alarm monitoring, and professional installation. You may decide not to buy a preset package. The level of ADT monitoring you choose, cost of equipment, and cost of installation will determine the monthly fee.

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Video | ADT

Recent Additions by ADT – Blue

One of the most recent company additions is Blue. This product targets customers who aren’t interested in professional ADT monitoring, yet want to be sure about the equipment they are about to buy. Blue is also for people who don’t want professional installation services. Are you a tenant who can’t install permanent or hardwired equipment? Blue is the most appropriate ADT product for you.

What is ADT Security’s mission statement Stand For?

American District Telegraph believes in delivering trust, collaboration, service, and innovation. The company is founded on the belief that people need help to protect and connect to what they value the most – family, homes, and business. (2)

Wrapping Up

Looking back, and the state of technology at the moment, American District Telegraph has come a long way. Millions of property owners across North America can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a reliable home security system company services their homes and businesses. 

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(1) company’s name – https://www.inc.com/guides/2010/06/choose-the-best-name-for-your-business.html
(2) delivering trust – https://aese.psu.edu/research/centers/cecd/engagement-toolbox/role-importance-of-building-trust

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