How to Turn On and Off your Microphone in your Alexa Device

If you need to enable or disable your microphone on your Alexa Device or app here we will explain how to enable or disable this option in a few steps.

Turn the Microphone on/off on Echo Dot or Show

In this section, we’ll be discussing how you can turn the microphone feature on or off on both the Echo Dot and the Echo Show devices! While Alexa devices are the best at using voice recognition to assist you in almost everything you do. Sometimes people prefer to turn off the microphone on these devices due to privacy or safety reasons, or the device mistaking names and words for commands.

How to Turn the Microphone On/Off on Echo Dot

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You will notice four buttons located on the top of the Echo Dot device. The microphone button looks like a microphone or a circle with a cross through it. All you need to do is press this button, and the microphone will be switched off. As soon as you press this button, it will turn red, indicating that the microphone has been disabled.

Now that the Echo Dot’s microphone has been switched off, it can no longer listen to any noise or voice commands in its surroundings! A plus point is that you can still access the device and ask it to perform tasks for you via the remote or the Alexa app on your smartphone. (1)

If you want to turn the microphone on, simply press the same button again. The button will turn blue this time, indicating that the microphone has been enabled.

How to Turn The Microphone On/Off on the Echo Show

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The Echo Show device has a built-in camera and a microphone, and both can be disabled by the same button. If you have an Echo Show device, you’ll need to press the button located in the top left corner of the device. There is a circle button with a cross on the top of the button. Once you press this button, you will disable both the camera and the microphone, and the device will no longer be able to listen to any background noise or voices.

To turn the microphone back on, simply press the same button again, and the device will be able to listen to your voice commands again.

Turn on the microphone on the App (iOS)

To turn on your microphone on iOS, tap the Alexa icon at the bottom of the app, tap “Allow”, and grant the Alexa app access to the microphone and location. (2)

Turn on the microphone on the App (Android)

To turn on the microphone on android, launch the Alexa app and head to the bottom of the screen. Now, tap “Allow” to grant Alexa permission to access your microphone.

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