Bunker Hill Security Camera Troubleshooting (8+ Ways to Fix)

Is your Bunker Hill security camera suddenly malfunctioning? A number of things can go wrong with a bunker hill security camera.

Your Bunker Hill security camera might abruptly stop working, displaying video or flag warnings on the monitor or screen in an erratic manner. Don’t panic; everything is under control and you’ll easily be able to fix the majority of common problems with our Bunker Hill security camera troubleshooting guide.

Problems and Solutions

cable connector

Bunker Hill Security has a large range of security cameras and security system add-on features. Even though their service has several flaws, it is still a common choice among homeowners and businesses.

These products complement your existing home security systems but do not provide 24/7 monitoring. They do, however, feature advanced sensors that detect attempted intrusion and connect to a home alarm system.

Motion detectors, surveillance lights, cameras, house safes, and even key boxes are all part of Bunker Hill Security.

Some of the common problems with security camera video errors:

  • Unreliable power supply
  • Video issues in the evening
  • Poor video across one or all security cameras
  • On-screen video flag error
  • During the evening, the camera goes black
  • The camera flashes on and off



Another danger is a power surge. It will usually result in security camera video malfunction, a dead screen on all Bunker Hill security cameras, a camera with an electrified surface, a camera with a vertical or horizontal line, or devastating damage to the camera circuit board or other hardware. (1)

Try using power flood protectors or lightning flood protectors to safeguard your Bunker Hill security cameras from lightning to see if this is an issue.

Step #1: Inspect The Security Camera’s Power And Connection

inspect security cameras power

Inspect whether the system’s power source is regular and uninterrupted. You will find a power indicator light on many security systems.

Check to see if this indicator is turned on. If the indicator isn’t working, you’ll need to look for an alternate power supply or cord. Determine whether the power supply is normal by connecting this cable to the system.

Ensure that your security camera systems have adequate electricity. The immediate fix is to change the voltage.

Step #2: Make Sure That The Cabling Is In Good Working Order

Different video power connections run through the security system. It’s possible that these video cables will stop working.

It is best to double-check the video ports to ensure that the cables are in good working order. Having a voltage meter nearby will come in handy when you need to check whether the cables have detached.

The voltage meter can pinpoint where the issue lies. However, if you don’t know how to do this, you may need to hire a professional.

Step #3: Check the Settings

checking the cams setting

A single configuration can sometimes cause problems with your camera’s function. It might be extremely tiresome to find the reason for the change.

If you have a changed DVR recorder and need to change it but aren’t sure which option is to blame, you can use the DEFAULT feature to restore the digital video recorder to factory settings.

You will need to reset your video recorder to factory defaults. Bear in mind that the only settings that are not reset by this procedure are the user accounts. If you’ve set up passwords and usernames on your camera, they’ll work flawlessly in any circumstance.

If you happen to forget your password, send an email to the manufacturer’s customer service. Please include your Order Number and the Full Name under which you place your order; without this information, they will be unable to issue a password reset.

Step #4: Reboot the Security Camera

The camera’s reset button is frequently near one of the cords when attaching cameras. Tapping and holding the power button for five seconds will reboot a networked camera, and a factory reset will occur.

It’s important to remember that each camera manufacturer has its own factory reset procedure, so read the user manual thoroughly.

Step #5: Check for IP Address Conflicts

An IP address conflict might sometimes cause a security camera’s failure. Upon installation, every security camera is given a unique IP address. An IP conflict will arise if another device uses the same IP address as the security camera, causing it to malfunction.

Step #6: Update Your Software and Firmware

updating software and firmware

Most security camera manufacturers will offer software and firmware upgrades to address common issues and flaws or add useful new features. I propose that you look for software and firmware upgrades on the manufacturer’s website and upgrade to the latest edition of your operating system. (2)

Double-check that the firmware and applications you’re acquiring are compatible with your machine. You may experience further problems if you download the incorrect versions.

Step #7: Check The FAQs Or Your Manual

When you buy a Bunker Hill Security Camera, the company will include the instructions in the package if you don’t find what you need there Frequently asked question (FAQ) websites assist organizations in responding to their customers’ demands more quickly and effectively.

The official bunker hill list of manuals can be found here. https://securitiescameras.com/security-camera-manuals/ 

Most of these manuals focus on helping you maintain and install the Bunker Hill systems but they can also help you troubleshoot different issues with the cameras because they have issue guides on each page.



Step #8: Contact the Tech Support Team for Help

contact support team

If everything else fails and you’ve followed the directions above but still have problems, I strongly advise you to contact the company. Most manufacturers offer customer service, so approach them via their preferred method. Their contact information is available on the company’s website, in the control center, in an email thread from them, or in the system manual.

Please keep in mind that you must describe your issue as completely as possible for the support team to address your problems. And, because some issues are more severe than we first thought, the support team must do a serious examination and verification. To call the Bunker Hill technical department this number was the most recent one we could find 1-888-866-5797 or 1-800-444-3353.  

What Comes With It

An 8-channel monitoring DVR and four or more infrared night vision inside and outdoor cameras are included with the Bunker Hill Security Camera this, of course, depends on what version you get so it’s best to consult your user manual to make sure that you have everything and used all the parts connected.

To extend the life of the cameras, you will find complete instructions on how to set up, connect, operate, care for, and maintain them.


Is Investing in a Bunker Hill Security Camera a Smart Strategy?

A bunker hill security camera is a perfect security system for homes and work sites. It has played an essential role as a security protection system that provides constant rough photos of inspections.

Regardless of the fact that the stream is not HD (High Definition), we can clearly view the photos and faces caught on it without worrying about the display resolution.

It’s a competitive product compared to other well-known video security cameras on the market.

Is a Bunker Hill Security Camera Costly to Set up?

The Bunker Hill remote monitoring surveillance camera has an excellent system available at an affordable price.

Bunker Hill security cameras already receive a warm welcome from buyers, including both homeowners and businesses.

Because of the camera’s lower price and the favorable feedback, it has received, a greater number of people are purchasing it without hesitation.

Many homes can guarantee their living areas are safer and more tranquil without undesirable intruders or other unique unfavorable situations because many households can afford it.

About Bunker Hill Security Software

bunker hill security systems

Bunker Hill’s security system is fundamentally a wireless surveillance system. The most fascinating aspect is that they are a multicolored security system with night vision and waterproof cameras.

Bunker Hill is a hardware company that sells various products rather than an all-in-one monitoring solution.

Several of their devices come with an instruction sheet and require wiring skills as part of the setup.

Even though no connection is required, the security camera integrates seamlessly with most other wireless security systems.

The camera can automatically switch between day and night modes, and it also has a built-in teleconference with a speaker and microphones.

Additional features include constant motion-activated detection and scheduled recording with a recording capability of over 2500 hours.

They also offer quick access via mobile phone and web surveillance, allowing viewers to examine the recorded broadcasts at any time and from any location.

(1) power surge – https://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/home/surge-protector3.htm
(2) firmware upgrades – https://www.makeuseof.com/firmware-update/

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