What does PTZ Camera mean?

We previously discussed what a PTZ security camera is. These security cameras are one of the most popular options available.

Meaning of a PTZ Camera

PTZ camera on the wall

Before mentioning the real meaning of this type of camera, we should consider the functionalities of cameras in general. Cameras installed in specific places allow you to obtain certain protection and security. This provides surveillance In those places where surveillance people are not around all the time.

Security cameras can also provide much more comprehensive surveillance by being in different locations simultaneously. Not all security cameras can move and have the same functions. Some security cameras are much more innovative and efficient than others.

The level of efficiency and innovation is not only found in the resolution or images that each camera can provide. Efficiency can also be found specifically in each camera’s mobility. This is exactly what a PTZ camera is all about. A PTZ camera stands for a pan-tilt-zoom camera.

These acronyms indicate the main functions that these security cameras can offer. This type of security camera can move horizontally and vertically. This can be very useful in covering the surveillance of large land areas.

These security cameras can be found in large mansions, inside buildings, or in many streets and avenues of major cities. The ability of these security cameras to move allows them to cover the surveillance of larger areas of land or space.

This type of security camera can also offer zoom. All of this requires a video surveillance person to be present. These functions are specifically available in remote surveillance. We can also find different security cameras with similar specific motion configurations. 


When we come across this type of camera, we also find three main functions:

  • Pan Function: To have a wider range and coverage capacity, the pan function allows the camera to move to the left or the right. This is how a larger area can be covered, and much more efficient surveillance can be achieved. This pan function can reach 360°. (1)
  • Tilt Function: To complement the coverage offered by the pan function, the tilt function allows the camera to move down and up. This means that the movement capability of a PTZ camera is one of the widest. The tilt function allows the movement of a camera to be increased by up to 180°.
  • Zoom Function: This allows the camera lens to be adjusted with optical zoom. The focal length allows zooming in and out at the cost of lower image quality. Including a digital zoom that works in combination with software is possible. (2)

Wrapping Up

A PTZ camera is one of the most efficient solutions for monitoring different areas. These security cameras enable optimizing the budgets allocated to a site’s surveillance system. In all those places where two or more cameras were required, it is possible to use only one security camera.

Where previously two cameras were required to focus on two different locations, a PTZ camera can move its focus to the same two locations. It is a security camera that has become very popular for optimizing the safety and security of people.

One question that you might ask are PTZ cameras worth it? You may have more options if you check this best outdoor PTZ security camera article we’ve created. 


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(2) optical zoom – https://www.masterclass.com/articles/whats-the-difference-between-optical-zoom-and-digital-zoom

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