Are PTZ Cameras worth it?

Some security cameras are much more popular than others in monitoring certain locations. Many security experts claim that PTZ cameras are one of the most convenient solutions for large areas. However, we cannot say these cameras suit every situation. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages below, letting you decide whether a PTZ security camera is worth it for your specific situation.

The prime three features of a PTZ camera

PTZ camera mounted in a wall facing the street

Most of the features of these security cameras can be the same when we discuss the resolution, lens quality, and specific connection. The features that vary are the three main functions that give this camera its name.

  • First, the pan function allows the camera to pan from left to right. This allows for full surveillance with a 360-degree field of view. 
  • Secondly, the tilt function allows the camera to pan up and down. This functionality complements the pan function for full pan and tilt capability.
  • Thirdly, the sum function allows you to zoom in and out to better view certain areas, people, and objects. All these functions are the hallmarks of any PTZ camera.

Advantages and disadvantages of a PTZ security camera


  • A PTZ camera can provide excellent motion capability to cover large areas such as mansions or buildings, among other options.
  • These cameras can operate in an automated manner with some appropriate settings and software. Automated security cameras are an excellent complement to optimizing a surveillance system. (1)
  • Another great advantage of these cameras is that the different operators and surveillance managers can track any threat. Whether it is an object or an intruder, operators can remotely and visually track the threat in real time.
  • One of the advantages that cannot be missing from this list is the smaller budget required to complete a surveillance system. Where previously two or more cameras were required for the same area, it is now possible to use a single PTZ security camera. This allows for lowering the necessary costs while maintaining a good level of security.


  • Operators are always needed to manipulate these security cameras. Otherwise, they are conventional cameras that will only point to one place. This disadvantage is not present when some autopilot is used.
  • The storage capacity needed must be larger compared to fixed-angle cameras.
  • The cost required for each of these cameras is higher than conventional cameras without motion capability. The budget needed for a PTZ camera increases due to the cost of each unit and the need for staffing for constant remote surveillance. 


A PTZ camera is worth it when it comes to monitoring large areas and important places. These security cameras have been implemented in major cities worldwide due to their high efficiency. In combination with a security force, a complete surveillance and protection system can be obtained. (2)

Next, what we need to learn is how PTZ cameras are controlled. Click on the link and find out more! Until next time!


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