What Does a Blue Light on a Security Camera Mean (Guide)

Security Cameras are handy, and they are rapidly becoming a part of not only public places but households too. You all must have seen a security camera. But have you ever wondered what’s the different, colorful lights on a security camera mean? What does blue light on a security camera mean? Or, what does a flashing red light on a security camera indicate?

After doing a detailed study of numerous top-selling security cameras, we present you with a guide, which will explain to you the meaning of each LED light on a security camera.

Different colors of LED lights on a security camera

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There are numerous manufacturers of security cameras around the globe. They all have unique processes and technologies to make their product stand out in the market. But, apart from the quality, they all focus on one major thing – LED lights, through which a security camera can convey its current status to you.

The most common colors, which the majority of manufacturers of security cameras put on their products, are Red, Blue, and Green. There are, however, some security camera manufacturers, who use different colors like yellow or white. You need to read their product’s manual to understand those different colors.

In this extensively researched guide, we will focus on the three major colors – Red, Blue, and Green, and what they mean when they glow fully, or when they blink. 

What does a Red Light mean on a Security Camera?

The red color is often a symbol of warning. Therefore, most manufacturers of security cameras use Red LED Lights to indicate that there is something wrong with the camera. (1)

A solid red light often means that the camera is not connected to the internet, and hence, it is not working. Whereas, a flashing red light generally means that the security camera is trying to connect to the internet, or it is trying to reboot. 

Sometimes a Red LED Light also means that the camera has been reset to its factory mode. But whatever may be the case, a Red LED Light indicates that something is not right with the security camera, and it is not yet in operational mode. 

What does a Blue Light mean on a Security Camera?

Just like the Red LED Light, the Blue Light is also prominent on security cameras. What does blue light on a security camera mean? Unlike Red LED Light, a Blue Light is a good sign. 

A flashing blue light mostly indicates that the security camera is trying to connect to WiFi. A solid blue light generally indicates that the security camera is successfully connected to the internet, and is now ready to operate. 

However, some manufacturers, like Blink, use solid blue lights to indicate that the camera is currently recording a live video, while a flashing blue light symbolizes that it is currently not recording the video, and this can be due to the loss of internet connection.

What does a Green Light mean on a Security Camera?

cctv camera mounted on brick wall

Some manufacturers of security cameras, like Frontpoint and Blink, also use Green LED Lights to convey the status of the camera. The solid green LED light generally means that the security camera is connected to both the local network and the internet. Whereas a flashing green LED light indicates that the camera is only connected to the local network.

A flashing green LED light generally happens when the internet connection is down, or the camera is not able to set up a communication channel with the servers of the manufacturer. (2)

LED Lights of other colors on a security camera

Some manufacturers use colors, apart from the standard Red, Blue, and Green, to indicate the status of the security camera. For example, a SimpliSafe security camera does not have a green led light. Instead, it has a yellow and white LED light, apart from the standard red and blue. A blinking white LED light indicates that the camera is ready for setup, while the solid white LED light symbolizes that the camera is trying to connect to WiFi. 

A solid yellow LED light indicates the installation of an update. It can also indicate that the camera is booting up. A blinking yellow LED light means that a SimpliSafe security camera is connected to the internet, but it is not connected to the servers of SimpliSafe.

Read the Security Camera’s Manual

user manual

We have done in-depth research and testing of numerous security cameras, which are flooding the market these days. Though most of the manufacturers follow a standard of using Red, Blue, and Green colors for LED lights, there are certain manufacturers, who like to follow a different trend. And there is nothing wrong with that.

While this article tries its best to give you detailed knowledge about Red, Blue, and Green LED lights, it will be best for you if you follow up this article by reading the manual of your security camera, especially if it has LED lights of other colors too. This will help you accurately operate your security camera, and it will also help you in its troubleshooting.

What does a blue light mean on a security camera? We hope, you now have the correct answer. 

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