How to Set Up Intruder Alert on Alexa (Guide)    

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We all know that Alexa devices can do many things, like play your favorite music. But it’s also an excellent tool in case of emergency. Its intruder alert feature is a significant step forward to your family’s protection. It helps scare burglars away once they’ve broken into your home. To set up an intruder alert … Read more

How to Connect Wiz Lights to Alexa

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WiZ is a WiFi-connected smart lighting system that is simple to set up. You can control your lights with its WiZ Smart Home skill: switch them on and off, alter their brightness tone at will, and more.  In General to connect wiz lights to your Alexa, find Integrations from the Settings tab, then press Amazon … Read more

How to Change Alexa Name to Jarvis

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Many people have recently taken to customizing Alexa. You could be disappointed if you’re a fan of Jarvis and expect Alexa to talk like him. Unfortunately, renaming Alexa into Jarvis is not possible. Also, Jarvis’ voice is not supported by Alexa. But there are a few interesting change-ups you can do to get something similar. … Read more

How to Stop Blue Light on Alexa (And Why It’s Happening)

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The ring light on the Amazon Echo (Alexa) is a feature I genuinely enjoy since it indicates the device’s status to me. Blue light is a frequent color displayed by Amazon Echo. But what if Alexa shows a constant blue light? I’ve often wondered why this occurs, and you may have as well. You can … Read more

How to Turn Off the Explicit Filter on Alexa App

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You might be researching how to turn off the explicit content filter on an Alexa-enabled device. Alexa has implemented this setting to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content. Nevertheless, there may be chances when you want to turn off this filter. Great timing because here I’ll show you how to turn off the explicit filter … Read more

How to Disconnect Spotify from Alexa (2-Way Guide)

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If you use Alexa to play music from your Spotify account on your Amazon Echo smart device, you may need to disconnect your account at some point. It could be to troubleshoot a problem or permanently close your Spotify Amazon Alexa account for a limited time. In either case, there are two simple ways to … Read more

Listen To Alexa Remotely (Your Step-by-Step Guide)

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Have you ever wanted to listen to your Alexa device remotely? Well, now you can! Listen to your favorite music or podcasts on-demand with this remote app. How Does Alexa Work? How does Alexa work from a technical point of view? While Alexa is always eager to help, you have control over when she starts … Read more

Can You Use Alexa To Spy On Someone (Why and How?)

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Alexa can’t be used to spy on someone. The only possible way to use it is the ‘drop in’ tool, which requires approval as a contact and sends an alert to the recipient. Alexa always listens for an alert word, generally ‘Alexa.’  Why Spy on Someone? Alexa and other “smart speakers.” are practical, entertaining, and … Read more