How To Use Vivint Camera Without Service

As one of the most famous names in home security, Vivint can afford to set its pricing higher, which may lead some frugal people to ask how they can use the camera without a service contract. We cover the basics below.

As a general rule, you won’t be able to monitor your cameras if you don’t have a Vivint service plan. This is because you can’t get the full benefits of using your camera (such as remote monitoring) without it. You will also have limited access to customer service without their premium package.

Can I buy a Vivint indoor camera or Vivint outdoor camera pro without the service?

Please be aware that Vivint provides security cameras only for use with their monitoring service, and they reject other video surveillance platforms. You will need a service plan from Vivint to use Vivint cameras for live viewing or recording.

Many security cameras Vivint produces have a design to connect with interactive service platforms. Once a Vivint indoor camera or outdoor camera pro is online, it connects to your Interactive Service Platform. You can log in, view the feed, and configure its settings. (1)

Once the Vivint camera and network have been set up, an alarm monitoring company will use the MAC address to connect the camera to your interactive service account. This will allow you to log into the account through any web browser or mobile application to view live footage of your home and adjust the security camera in Vivint settings. (2)

While the cameras can be useful to other companies, they will not function similarly. The Vivint indoor camera and Vivint outdoor camera pro only work with a Vivint service plan. If you purchase a Vivint indoor camera, you must still have a monitoring account with Vivint. To summarize, a Vivint security subscription is necessary to use their camera.

It is important to consider that canceling the subscription also removes having Vivint customer service. This customer service is important because of the additional features you get, such as any-time safety calls. 

What will continue to operate if the service is off?

Every Vivint customer is asked to sign a 5-year agreement with the company. This is where you pay for the equipment and service. The monthly subscription payment allows access to their systems and the equipment they provide.

Before you choose to cancel the Vivint service, please be aware that they charge a service fee for the early cancellation of the subscription. This fee is only applicable when you cancel the entire contract before the first year ends. If you cancel within the first year, you will have to pay a cancellation penalty of $300.

If the customer wishes to terminate their contract at any time, they charge a $150 cancelation fee. The amount may vary depending on the territory and the local government. It’s best to contact Vivint for more information on this fee. Unlike other no-contract installers, there are some situations in which you can avoid cancellation fees. Several conditions allow you to avoid these fees.

How much does the monthly activation cost?

Vivint is a smart home security and automation company. With three levels of 24/7 professional monitoring, you can protect your property and family with basic home security systems for $29.99 per month or upgrade to the Smart Protect + Control for $39.99 per month.

Vivint Smart Home Security offers security systems, indoor cameras, and access control all in one place. The top tier plan is the Smart Complete for $49.99 per month.

The equipment purchase is not included in the total price of the security cameras. The security systems Vivint and equipment offer separately and finances through the company in monthly installments, which are added to your monthly bill.

Vivint offers various home security systems and smart home equipment packages, making it easy to find the one that best suits your needs. Earlier, we listed the most popular plans, and you can gauge their differences and what they include.

vivint outdoor camera pro

How to turn on the system and obtain the PIN code?

When your security system is fit, your installation technician will help you establish a personal identification number (PIN) for your panel and a verbal passcode in a paper on your agreement. The panel’s 4-digit pin allows you to disarm the system or unlock automatic door locks connected to the system. (3)

Your Vivint identity passcode can be a combination of letters, numbers, or a phrase for your camera. You will need to enter this passcode to communicate with them or use your camera, so please use numbers you will easily remember.

Can I keep the equipment?

The equipment is yours when it is fully paid for. If you finance your purchase over time, you will be able to pay off your equipment within three to five years. All this information lets you know how to use the Vivint doorbell camera without service. If you have questions about how to use the Vivint doorbell camera without service that we have not answered here, you can contact Vivint customer service.

How a Vivint camera system works

Vivint Smart Home security devices are popular among people who are more concerned about the safety of their property. Securing your indoor and outdoor place is possible using the Vivint indoor camera system. The application used to run the Vivint doorbell camera pro has a design to provide real-time images on intelligent devices. Functions such as two-way conversation from the speaker connected to the Vivint doorbell camera pro are possible.

The Vivint doorbell camera pro with Night Vision comes with pieces with infrared LEDs that allow the camera to provide clear, crisp images during the night. It is perfect for monitoring your backyard during dark hours and can alert you remotely if it detects motion. The great Day/Night function will automatically switch from color to black-and-white when there is insufficient light.

Under the supervision of expert engineers, it has the design to detect an intruder instantly. This technology is ideal for both homeowners and businesses alike. This device can show clear images from a distance due to the long-range sensor. 

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