How To Adjust Focus On a Security Camera (Get The Best Shot)

Most of us have experienced this problem with security cameras losing focus or becoming blurry.

Security cameras without a firm focus are useless. However, there are multiple scenarios and factors contributing to this issue. There are several ways to fix the focus of your security camera.

In this article I will discuss the reasons, as well as how to adjust the focus of your security camera.

Why is Your Security Camera Lens Blurry?

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When the output of your security camera becomes hazy/cloudy, the lens becomes fuzzy, rendering the camera nearly useless.

There are a couple of factors that can affect the image quality of your security cameras such as; the lens might be out of focus, the lens is dirty, the image sensor may be defective, you’re using a low-resolution security camera or you’re using a low-resolution security camera.

Dealing with blurry footage can be quite frustrating as you always want your security camera to stay focused. You can capture crystal clear footage from your security camera and ensure you’re recording the most important information by fixing these frequent issues.

When it Comes to CCTV Cameras, How Does Manual Zoom Work?

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A little practice is needed to achieve perfection, but it is straightforward. It is probably no secret that most Security Cameras have fixed lenses without zoom capabilities. Having cameras with a variable-focus lens or varifocal zoom can give CCTV Installations a valuable edge. In addition to Manual Zoom cameras, there are Motorized Zoom cameras available.

You will need to zoom in and out if you install a manual zoom security camera. Aside from that, you will also need to focus the camera manually. You cannot use motorized zoom cameras or PTZ cameras with them. You can select the FOV that is right for you based on the features each camera offers. After installation, this setting will remain the same.

Adjusting the Focus of the CCTV Camera By Adjusting the Screws

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  1. A zoom screw and a focusing screw can be found at the bottom of your camera. You should slowly adjust the zoom while watching the monitor. Use your Allen wrench to do so. As you turn the screw, you will notice that the picture starts to zoom in or out (depending on which direction you turn it). The focus will shift to accommodate the zoom level as it zooms, causing the image to blur.
  2. As you turn the ‘Focus’ screw, slowly bring the picture back into focus until it cannot be ignored anymore. Keep repeating this step until you are satisfied with your image.
  3. There is a slight difference between zoom and focus adjustments on CCTV cameras. By zooming backward, as long as you do not zoom too far, the camera may be impossible to focus. Until you can achieve the perfect focus, back off the angle for a bit. The camera will still be at its widest angle of view, allowing you to see the widest possible range of images. If the FOV is narrower, you may see similar results.
  4. Focus adjustment is extremely sensitive and requires only very slight adjustments when fine-tuning. Turning too far out of focus can lead to missed shots. However, you can simply turn back a little bit.
  5. Having a camera that is focused is better than starting with an out-of-focus camera, then zooming in or out a little, then fine-tuning it, etc. This incremental process will make finding the focus much easier.
  6. In nearly all cases, CCTV Cameras can be zoomed and focused manually, but there are different methods to accomplish this.

Remember: The focus or zoom screws should not be manipulated forcefully, as they can break and you’ll not be able to adjust them. It is likely that they are at the end of their respective turning ranges if they are difficult to turn.

Adjusting the Focus of the CCTV with a Fixed Lens

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With a security camera with a fixed lens, optical zoom cannot be adjusted, so no focus adjustment is required since the camera comes from the factory with the lens adjusted to the correct distance from the camera image sensor. Unfortunately, bad things do happen sometimes. Suppose the lens and the image sensor of the camera are not working correctly. This can result in blurry pictures.

If you are experiencing a focus issue, you can try turning the fixed lens clockwise until you reach the position that will provide a proper focus. The fixed lens will usually come in the right position after installation. It is unlikely to have a problem like this, so try this procedure slowly and carefully.

Furthermore, low-cost cameras have been seen with these problems, and they only occur in rare situations.

Changing the Lens and Focusing of a Dome Security Camera

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There is a common problem with security cameras becoming blurry at night due to infrared light. The sun emits a lot of light during the day, and some security cameras have filters that allow infrared light to be blocked, making the image sensor of the camera-less exposed to unnecessary and excessive light. (1)

When the camera’s lens’ refraction is not corrected correctly, the image becomes blurry. (2)

Steps for changing the focus of a Dome Security Camera Lens

  1. Remove the foam insert slowly and carefully.
  2. Infrared LEDs should be moved to one side.
  3. Connect your camera lens to a monitor and twist the lens until it is focused.
  4. Replacing the infrared LED after adjusting the focus is the next step.
  5. Reposition the foam insert carefully around the lens.
  6. To ensure proper flushing, use a foam insert flush with the clear dome plastic.
  7. Now, tighten the parts together with a screwdriver.

In this article, we hope that we addressed any issues that you were having with your camera’s focus. In case your camera is experiencing focus-related issues, the above steps have a history of should help you, and by following them to the letter, you will be able to fix the problem.

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(2) refraction –

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