How Much Do Security Cameras Cost for a Business?

Security cameras can vary from one hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. It all depends on the project and on the size of the area you want to be surveyed. Below we’ll go through each pricing bracket.

Here are the best security cameras for business.

1. Security Camera Costs

Security cameras have a certain cost depending on the different options selected. Most people usually choose a CCTV system that complements a set of hardware that facilitates the surveillance task. Within the CCTV system are incorporated:

  • Computer monitors
  • Network equipment and parts
  • Security or surveillance cameras

Each of the parts and components needed to have a great business security system can require 0 for each camera. This amount of money includes the surveillance camera and everything necessary for its operation. (1)

Access control and alarm monitoring equipment can also be incorporated. Everything needed for access control may require a budget of $800 to $1200. Alarm monitoring may also require a budget of $300 to $600. 

2. Installation and Activation Costs

When dealing with a small business, the budget needed could be sufficient, with $300 to $700. It is important to consider that a set of security cameras is not the same as a complete security system. The average cost for the installation and activation aspects is around $500.

  • Installation procedure: The installation procedure is not always the same for companies of different sizes. Family-sized companies with little space do not require a large number of cameras. One or two cameras might be more than enough.
  • Discount possibilities: Sometimes, security system suppliers can provide large discounts of up to 100% on installation and labor costs. This is done when new customers agree to some long-term monitoring contract. 

3. Other Additional Costs

Additional costs to consider usually relate to business monitoring by the security provider. Individuals can choose to avoid these remote monitoring and surveillance costs.

Those who wish to pay for these services require $40 to over $150 per month. Specific costs may vary depending on the services and included features offered by different security providers. 

4. Total Costs

When dealing with a business, the total costs required on average are:

  • Security cameras: $600 per camera on average
  • Average range: $400 to $800
  • Highest cost: $2000
  • Lowest cost: $150 
  • Monitoring equipment: $300 to $600 
  • Access control equipment: $800 to $1200 

The company’s size is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a certain number of cameras. Cameras with wireless functionality are usually a bit more expensive. You should compare the cost of a security system with four cameras.

  • Wireless system: $400 to $600
  • CCTV system: $300 to $500

Wireless functionality is usually more appropriate depending on the users’ needs. There are many options on the market with functionality to optimize the security and safety of any business. 


(1) CCTV system –

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