What Age Do You Need Baby Gates?

Raising a baby requires not only family around but also certain safety devices to maintain well-being and safety. Baby gates are necessary to prevent children from reaching certain places at some point in their life. There is a certain age bracket where children need a babe gate which we go over below, but before that, you might want to check this learning guide that will answer the most basic question, such as is a fireplace ok for babies?

Quick Summary

Babies begin to move – Ages 4-6 months
Late crawlers – 6-11 Months
Necessary age for baby gates – Children between 6 months – 2 years old
Have pets? – Necessary baby gate age implement during 3 or 4 months of age

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When we talk about baby gates, it is important to know at what age to install them and what age to remove them. Most of the time, it is necessary to install the baby gates when the children are between 6 months and two years old.

Everyone should have the most appropriate baby safety gates before four months. Many babies require more floor space 4 6 months old. At this point, babies are not yet very mobile, but it is a good time to think about which baby gates you should install.

Babies begin to move around and experiment with crawling when they are between 6 months and 11 months of age. Some babies don’t even crawl but start walking between 8 and 12 months. (1)

When there are pets in the home, a baby should be protected. The age in these cases is for the baby to be between 3 and 4 months old. 

toddler in the living room area wearing a hoodie

It is not always advisable to have baby gates installed for too long. The baby will grow into a child with the ability and mobility to open baby gates. The functionality of the baby gates will no longer be useful.

When babies are two years old, they are older and can easily walk and maneuver objects. Removing the baby gates and teaching the child how to move around the home is advisable.

Final Words

Baby gates are highly recommended only for a certain age. This does not mean that baby gates should remain installed forever. When baby gates no longer serve their purpose, they should be removed. This will allow more freedom for the baby and the family. 


(1) experiment with crawling – https://www.parents.com/baby/development/crawling/when-do-babies-crawl/

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