What Age Do You Need Baby Gates?

fireplace in the living room

Raising a baby requires not only family around but also certain safety devices to maintain well-being and safety. Baby gates are necessary to prevent children from reaching certain places at some point in their life. There is a certain age bracket where children need a babe gate which we go over below, but before that, … Read more

Is a Fireplace OK for Babies?

baby boy crawling in the living room

A fireplace could make any frosty evening cozy. Who wouldn’t like a comforting fire? Babies are an exception here. You cannot leave a baby around the fireplace without supervision for numerous reasons, including the obvious one; they may accidentally burn themselves. There are certain safety reasons why babies should be kept from fireplaces. Read on … Read more

How to Baby-Proof a Fireplace?

kids; an older girl and a younger boy sitting at the floor near the fireplace

Fireplaces can be comfy during the winter. But with babies running around the home, the same cozy fireplace could become dangerous. This is why many households choose to baby-proof their fireplace in case of accidents. Read on to learn about how you can effectively baby-proof a fireplace.  Baby-Proofing the Fireplace What you need Before you … Read more

How Does A Nanny Cam Work? Everything You Should Know

Mother watching baby by video monitor on laptop

Have you ever had second thoughts about leaving your children with a nanny or babysitter? Have you found yourself unable to relax on an evening out or get work done at the office because you were too worried about what was happening with your kids at home? Well, a nanny cam may be the solution … Read more

5 of the Best Baby Gates for Fireplaces (Reviewed 2023)

Children By The Fireplace

Trending Best Overall Popular Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience We sacrifice a lot for our kids. Throughout their lives, we put up figurative barriers around them to protect them from anything bad and everything that even — might — hurt them. But some things shield children from harm. Baby … Read more