How To Measure A Dehumidifier For A Gun Safe

To measure an electric dehumidifier for a gun safe, you need to calculate the cubic area of the safe. The general formula that you can use is Cubic feet = L (length) x H (height) x W (width). Then, refer to the table we provided to identify which size of dehumidifier you need.

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A gun-safe dehumidifier is only effective if you put it in the correct position. So it has to fit and be positioned well in your firearm storage device to be used as intended fully.

The most common problem we get is that people buy a safe first according to their gun needs but avoid learning any other details or installation requirements, and later, they realize that they need to put a dehumidifier in to keep humidity in check for their guns after there is already damage done.

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes. If you want to know how to measure a dehumidifier for a gun safe, this post is for you.

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Getting Started

I assume you have decided on the type and brand of dehumidifier for your safe. Now, let’s go through the measurement information and installation. This will help you place the device in the proper place.

To continue, there are two types of dehumidifiers: electric dehumidifiers and desiccants. The measurement and application for these two are different. There are proper ways to install the specific type of dehumidifier in your gun safe for each model.

Here is the correct procedure to measure and install.

Measuring an Electric Dehumidifier for a Gun Safe

electronic gun safe

The most common type of gun-safe dehumidifier is an electric dehumidifier gun-safe rod. This is why here we will focus on measurements for that rod.

Step 1 – Measure The Area of Your Gun Safe

There is a simple calculation formula that applies.

Cubic area (in feet) = L (length) x H (height) x W (width)

Take this data as an example:

Let us say your gun safe measures 8 ft in length by 4 ft in height by 6 ft in width. Therefore 8 x 4 x 6 = 192 ft (cubic area)

So the total space is 192 cubic feet. Hence, an 18 inches dehumidifier rod is perfect for you.

Step 2 – Use The Chart To Find The Length Of The Electric Rod You Will Need

To understand what size of dehumidifier you need, you may use the chart information below:

Length of the Electronic Rod (inches)Wattage RateThe Total Area Covered (cubic feet)

About Electric Dehumidifiers

measuring the gun safe

Electric dehumidifiers are the most common humidity devices we find. Each brand of electric dehumidifier has different performance levels and device sizes. That said, there is a chance that the device can fit in or not. In this case, you need to apply a specific material to insert the dehumidifiers in the safe.

The procedure requires drilling a hole in the back of the gun safe. This will connect the wire to the power outlets in the room. (1)

You will need an electronic rod if the dehumidifier is too big for the safe. It keeps the air inside the gun storage at a constant temperature. It encourages warm air to flow around the safe to prevent mildew and dampness.

Dehumidifier rods come in different sizes, specifying the area they can handle. You have to compensate for the appropriate length of the rod with the safe dimension to obtain a better outcome on the size of the safe you have.

For less hassle, some gun safes already have small holes. This will allow you to take the wire out of the safe, which is advantageous when using an electric dehumidifier.

Measuring A desiccant Dehumidifier for a Gun Safe

The second type of dehumidifier is a desiccant. This device will not require drilling a hole in the safe’s wall because it is not powered by electricity.

Technically, a desiccant uses a gel or a drying agent that absorbs water vapor, mildew, condensation, and moisture from the air. The desiccant’s drying compound will act like a sponge, sucking all the water into it. That is how it controls the humidity in the safe to protect your firearms.

There is no need to measure or question how to fit the desiccant in the gun safe. This is a sachet that you can place anywhere in the storage. If you buy a brand-new pair of shoes, you will see a sachet of beads. That is what a desiccant is. (2)

However, if you have a large gun safe, the desiccant might not be as effective in absorbing the moisture. In this case, try to look for a desiccant dehumidifier with a higher capacity to cover the gun safely.

A desiccant dehumidifier can be reused or renewed because the drying compound lasts for several months, depending on the model.

The drying compound includes beads that must be renewed 10 to 12 times before being replaced with a new one. The bead’s color changes from orange to green as the desiccant absorbs moisture. The green color indicates that the bread has lost its ability to retain moisture and must be renewed or recharged.

To recharge the silica gel beads, put them in an oven and dry them out. By then, you can use them again.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, always consider the dehumidifier’s size in choosing your safe gun. If you already have the storage. And everything fits right; using a desiccant is the last option. Otherwise, start measuring the cubic area of your safe to pick the right size of an electric dehumidifier.

Do you know another way to measure a dehumidifier for a gun safe? Here’s a learning guide for you to check; it’s about what temperature a dehumidifier should be set in a gun safe. I hope this helps, and see you in our next article!

(1) power outlets –
(2) beads –

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