How To Make A Security Camera Jammer (Stop Wifi and Signals)

The idea behind wireless jamming is that a device transmits data via a specific frequency when it is wireless. The first frequency must be disrupted or jammed by sending out a stronger signal than the first to block it so that it cannot be received. To jam the first signal properly, the second must be frequency-locked to its frequency.

It is important for the person trying to jam a Wireless Security Cameras to know the frequency that the camera is broadcasting so that he can jam it properly. However, he must also have the proper equipment to do so.

Is it Illegal to Use a Jammer to Enforce the Law?


According to federal law, any equipment that interferes with authorized radio communication, including cellular or personal communication services (PCS), police radar, or global positioning systems (GPS), is prohibited from use, marketing, or sale. Advertising, selling, distributing, or marketing these security camera jammer devices to consumers is also illegal. These devices pose significant threats to public safety. (1)

Jamming is Prohibited

video prohibited

The use of jamming equipment by local law enforcement is not permitted on an independent basis. However, the use of jamming equipment by federal law enforcement is permitted under certain circumstances.

Although private persons are prohibited from using jamming equipment in most countries, certain governments allow corporations and government entities to install jammers in locations where CCTV or cell phones are declared a public nuisance. 

In addition to preventing you and others from making 911 or other emergency calls, signal jammers can interfere with your everyday communications and threaten public safety. (2)

Designing a Jammer Is it Really Worth It? How Would You Go About Doing It?


Jamming cameras requires a device that emits a specific frequency. On top of that, these devices are extremely expensive and are often hard to obtain.

In terms of designing a jammer, it is extremely challenging since you would need the correct amount of technology. Getting it done is not impossible, but it will cost a lot of money and won’t be accomplished in a weekend.

Disabling or Jamming?

disable security camera

Stopping or disabling a CCTV camera is not the same as jamming or pausing the video. To deactivate a camera, you may need to cut the cables, damage the lens, or disconnect the power source.

Jamming does not ruin or damage your camera; it only stops signals via frequency waves, preventing the camera from functioning. The distinction between the act of disabling a security camera and the act of jamming it is crucial.


The process of disabling a camera is fairly easy. Many of these cameras are hardwired to an advanced security system, which may sound an alarm if the camera is deactivated illegally. Many other security cameras do not offer that kind of support. It is quite simple to turn these off.

You can also disable a camera the old-fashioned way – and even a crook with little experience can do it. Cameras work only if power is provided. Disabling the power means turning the camera off. Close inspection may require a few minutes to determine whether it operates with batteries or power cords. It can be turned off for good when you have determined which it uses.


In this technique, the camera detects wireless signals transmitting at a specific frequency. A more powerful signal transmitted at the same frequency is then used to overpower the set frequency.

How would someone be able to overpower your device’s frequency, you might wonder?

Jamming Implications on Security Cameras and Pausing Them Temporarily

security camera mobile app

You might lose the camera’s functionality if you disable it. CCTV cameras, however, can be paused whenever you’d like.

Only the frequency waves are blocked, which prevents the camera from working. In most cases, it is impossible to jam cameras connected to recorders.

However, wireless cameras may be jammed as we store recorded footage in the cloud. Therefore, you won’t hear any sounds when someone enters your home since the signal is blocked—having a wired camera can result in the footage being lost if it is disconnected. On the other hand, wireless cameras may continue to record if they have batteries.

The burglar will have to disable them to escape being recorded if they are jammed.

So far, we have concluded that pausing a camera and disabling one are very different operations. While a camera is paused, it will not be recording for a certain period. When it is manually turned back on, it will begin recording again. The process can be done via your web browser or an app. You can even schedule certain recording times with some brands. A couple of hours were likely lost from the footage due to the camera being paused and not disabled.


Is it Possible to Jam Security Cameras?

When a strong signal overpowers the wireless signal of any security camera on the same frequency, the camera’s signal can be jammed. Tampering with the wires or connected equipment can cause the wires of a Wired Security Camera to be jammed. Jamming a security camera is far more complex than just disrupting its signal.

What Does “Jamming” a Security Camera Mean?

If interference prevents security systems from functioning normally, it is described as jamming. Such a breach can affect those networks that rely on wireless or radio communication. If a security device’s communication is disrupted, jamming will result. What is most important here is that jamming is an extremely illegal activity.

Why Would Someone Attempt to Jam a Security System?

A person who attempts and succeeds in jamming security cameras is typically involved in criminal activity. The rationale for doing so is rare. And, of course, tampering with signals is illegal. Even though this jamming is done for a legal reason, interfering with it is not legal.

What Can Other Kinds of Communications be Jammed?

For jamming security systems, one must know how security equipment works and the frequencies involved. Other forms of communication are also affected by jamming, such as:

– A block on your cell phone’s communications, such as texts, calls, and emails.
– Wi-fi devices are prevented from accessing the internet and connecting.
– You won’t be able to locate yourself when enabled on your mobile device.
– Block GPS signals.

How Do Jammers Function?

Using jammers will prevent devices within a certain range from connecting and communicating. It can prevent incoming or outgoing communications from any device with the same frequency.
Jammers are capable of interfering with the signals of cellular and Wi-Fi-based home security systems. Your cameras and sensors will not be damaged, but their capacity to transmit a signal will be reduced.

Is it Possible to Jam a Jammer?

While it is difficult for a human to block a jammer, you can detect its use on your signal.
The key to jamming a signal is identifying the frequency, how it is modulated, and how much power is being radiated or transmitted. The unwanted signal can either be drowned or overwhelmed, canceled or messed up as long as its characteristics are known.
However, that would also involve illegally blocking a signal, in which case one would also be liable for the initial jamming.

Wrapping Up

Designing a jammer is not an easy task. However, no security camera can be completely protected from jamming. Comply with laws prohibiting these devices. In addition, we must watch out for each other and report anyone illegally interfering with signals.

(1) GPS –
(2) 911 –

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