How to Blind a Security Camera (10+ Methods)

If you’re wondering how to blind a security camera, this article is for you.

Security cameras serve as a deterrent and record evidence of a crime. However, there may be some reasons why you would want to blind a security camera.

This article gives a few tips and ways to help you do that.

There are some things you should consider beforehand, given the consequences the action of blinding a security camera could have. If you have a justifiable reason to blind one, the safest way is to block the camera’s view or use a powerful night light facing straight at it. For temporary blinding, you can point a flashlight at it.

Suppose you cannot resolve the situation with the camera owner. In that case, you can ask a mediator to help, consult your lawyer or get the police involved. You can also take some extreme measures, although they should be avoided. They include smearing the lens, pointing an IR laser at it, spraying paint onto it, cutting its cable, using a jammer, and ultimately breaking the camera.

Before You Blind a Security Camera

Before you go ahead blinding a security camera, you should consider the following:

Confirm If It’s Real or Fake

Find out whether it is a real security camera or a fake one.

A real camera will show a red light switch on at dusk, and you should see wires connected to it. You can also check online to help identify whether the camera is likely to be real or fake. If it’s a wifi-based security camera, you can use an RF signal detector.

If it’s confirmed as fake, you don’t need to worry about it, and you don’t need to blind it. Sometimes, fake cameras are used to prevent trespassing and deter burglars.

A sample of fake or dummy security cameras

finders & co fake camera
use fake security camera
fake dome like security camera

Does It Need to Be Blinded?

Ask yourself whether the security camera really needs to be blinded.

It may be that the security camera is providing you with free security. They are used to deter crime. If, however, it is invading your privacy, then you may need to do something about it.

Consider the Legal Issues

Blinding someone’s security camera will not only upset the owner, but it could also lead to legal issues, especially if it involves causing damage to their equipment.

Talk to the Owner

If you can, talk to the owner first.

Ask the owner directly why they are pointing their camera at you or your property. They might even be unaware that this is happening, and will be happy to reposition the camera. Be cool and polite, but firm.

Ask a Mediator to Help

If your neighbor is uncooperative, you can involve a mediator to deal with the matter instead.

The mediator may have a better chance of successfully dealing with it. Some communities have special mediators to deal with such neighborhood issues. If the camera owner has some issue with you, then you may have to be ready to strike a compromise.

Reasons for Blinding a Security Camera

Here are some possible reasons that might justify blinding one:

  • The security camera is pointing directly at a private area of your home.
  • The camera owner is uncooperative and a nuisance and all measures to talk with them have failed.
  • A stalker or criminal is using the security camera against you.
  • You are in enemy territory.

Even then, you should only take the measure appropriate in the circumstances, considering the likely inconvenience, damages, and other possible consequences.

Ways to Blind a Security Camera

Here are some great ways to blind a security camera.

Block the Camera’s View

The best way to blind a security camera is to block its view with an object. If you can, move or place a large object in its view. For example, if the camera is pointing into your home:

  • Plant a tree in front of it.
  • Make your fence higher.
  • Let a bush or shrubs grow higher.
  • Place outdoor furniture in its view.

You can also take these measures to block the security camera’s view:

  • Tint your windows.
  • Use thick curtains.
  • Keep the curtains closed.
  • Use bamboo shades or yard shade sails.
  • Install a powerful light on your property facing straight at the camera. You only need to keep it on during the night.

planting a tree outside window area
Plant a tree
tinted windows
Use tinted windows
higher fence outside the window
Make your fence higher

thick blue-green curtains
Use thick curtains

If the security camera happens to have thermal imaging capabilities, you will need to use a conductive material, such as aluminum foil, to stop the infrared radiation.

Point a Flashlight at It

Pointing a flashlight directly at the security camera’s lens, especially in the dark, will obscure its view and reduce the resolution at which the camera captures images.

pointing a flashlight at a security camera
Pointing a flashlight at a security camera

Research What Others Are Doing

There are bound to be many other people in a similar situation to you. Search local and online forums to know more about what options you have, and what you can and should do.

Tit for Tat

If the security camera owner is deliberately annoying you, and it is possible for you to do this, install a camera in their direction on your own property in retaliation. The tit-for-tat may compel them to back off and take their camera down. When they do that, you should do the same.

Consult Your Lawyer or Police

If you are unfortunate to have an annoying neighbor pointing their security camera at a private area of your home, and you have tried the above measures first, it may be necessary to consult your lawyer or the police.

Using a security camera is not in itself a crime, but spying and harassment may very well be a criminal offense. If you have definite proof of this, the legal team or police will take care of removing the camera.

Forceful Measures to Blind Security Cameras

There are more forceful measures you can take to blind a security camera, but they are more controversial and may involve legal wrangling and the camera getting damaged.

More methods are below.

Smear the Lens

If you can reach the camera, you can smear its lens using a viscous substance, such as petroleum jelly, or a spreadable foodstuff, such as jam or butter. Coat as much of the surface as you can. However, you will have to be careful not to have your picture taken.

Point an Infrared Laser at It

Pointing an infrared laser directly at the security camera’s lens will block its view.

This method can be used either during the day or at night, but the direction must be precise. The stronger the laser, particularly high-level lasers, the more powerful will be its blinding effect, but if it’s too powerful, it could also damage the lens.

pointing an infrared laser at a security camera
Pointing an infrared laser at a security camera

Spray Paint onto It

Spraying paint onto the camera’s lens could cover it completely until it is cleaned off. The chemicals in the paint could also cause permanent damage. However, while doing this, the camera’s motion detection will have probably been triggered. Your picture will have been captured, and the owner alerted.

Cut its Cable

Cutting the cable is a destructive act. It will sever the connection, so the camera will no longer function.

Use a Jammer or Hack It

Disable the security camera with a jammer if it uses wifi, or hack it. You will need a camera jammer that can block signals within a certain frequency range. This method will require technical skills, and jammers can be expensive.

Break the camera

Breaking the camera is an extreme measure, but if that is what it takes and you can justify the action, it’s a sure way to stop the camera from working altogether.

security camera jammer
A security camera jammer

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