How to Hide a Security Camera – Everything You Need to Know

The major problem with many home security camera systems is that they are often overly conspicuous. 

Hiding a security camera might seem difficult, but it is not. Many small and easy-to-install cameras can be hidden in plain sight. For example, you can install an outdoor camera on your home’s roof or behind a plant.

There are many ways to camouflage security camera wires or to hide the camera directly, and we will cover some of the best ideas for hiding them below.

Great Places To Choose For Hiding

First, we’re going to list some places that are great for hiding security cameras, such as clocks, smoke detectors, flower pots, and fans. From the desk to the garden, hidden security cameras are affordable, small, and can hide security cameras almost anywhere. Look for objects that are inconspicuous and allow viewing from a distance.

  • A Fire alarm
  • Various toys and decorative objects
  • Small electronic devices
  • Books on a shelf 
  • Light switch plate
  • Paperweights of all kinds 
  • Inside a plant potter
  • High Shelf
  • Between folded laundry
  • Behind a picture frame

Hide Security Cameras Indoors

Arlo Hide Me Camera

Embedding security cameras into natural household objects is a clever and low-cost way to monitor your home. By strategically placing this security camera in a hidden spot, you can be reassured that you will always know who is entering your home.

In case of a break-in, burglary, or theft of personal items, these security cameras will provide you with all the evidence you need to ensure that the culprit gets caught.

Homes with high ceilings, like those found in California and other Southern states, or homes with open first floors are great locations for hiding a security camera. Items on very high shelves, ceiling fans, pieces of art hung high on the walls, or mounted to the underside of a shelf or table are good options for hiding a security camera.

Enclose Your Camera And Security Camera Wires In A Box

hide me camera

One of the most common ways to hide security cameras is within a box like a tissue box or an old shoebox. The box size depends directly on the size of the security camera. 

If you use a tissue box, inside the box, there should be some paper left to hide the security camera. Such a box can be set up in different areas of the house without anyone suspecting it. 

Using High Positions On Walls

Mount your security camera wires directly on the ceiling in a high position. This shot will give you a different perspective of your room. Just ensure that the lens’s edge is set at eye level, as placing it too high off the ground can make it difficult to capture sharp images.

You should also avoid installing security cameras too close to the ground. This can make it easy for a burglar or vandal to reach up and tamper with your security cameras. Most experts suggest installing cameras 8 to 10 feet from the ground. The camera wires may not be invisible, but they shouldn’t stand out either.

Stuffed Toy Camouflage

camouflage camera

Choosing a toy such as a stuffed animal is an excellent way to camouflage and install security cameras. When children are in the home, installing security cameras can be the best way to keep an eye on a babysitter.

  • Installing security cameras in an old teddy bear is the best option.
  • A pair of scissors is enough to cut the teddy bear and remove some stuffing inside for your camera.
  • With enough space, the security camera wires are set inside the teddy bear to hide them.
  • When the installed security cameras are put inside the teddy bear, the lens should face a hole like the bear’s eye to hide the camera.
  • The area that breaks in the teddy bear needs to be fixed, although a gap can be left for the USB port. (1)
  • The best place to put a Teddy Bear can be a shelf or a space where the field of view is adequate. A baby should not be able to reach the teddy bear as it could knock it over.

Hiding a Security Camera Outdoors

When you’re trying to monitor or prevent someone from entering a restricted area of your home or business, a Doorbell Cam can be the perfect device. This security camera outdoors looks just like your average doorbell camera, but it contains a camera that captures the front door and all of its activity, day and night.

– Use the natural landscape around you – trees, shrubs, and bushes are ideal for hiding your camera;

– Find an area with minimal exposure – such as a room that seldom gets any sunlight;

– Keep it close to your intended target – so if someone breaks into your house

The average outdoor safe height for a security camera should be between 8 and 9 feet from the ground. Anything higher poses a risk of creating grainy or incomplete recordings, and anything lower doesn’t leave the camera high enough to deter tampering or destruction.

A well-placed birdhouse may be the simplest way to hide security cameras. Many people use bird feeders to keep birds away from their houses, but they also provide great camouflage for surveillance cameras. So it is a good idea to use a bird feeder as your surveillance camera’s hiding place. (2)

Why Not Hide Security Cameras?

Some hidden security cameras that are visible and easy to access for owners, tenants, and the public provide clear evidence of illegal activity and discourage criminals from committing crimes in the area; however, when the camera is hidden, there is a chance that its field of vision may be obscure causing it not to record correctly. 

Another risk is legalities. Sometimes when you hide a security camera, some states can fine you or take you to court when there is grabbed footage of someone that did not consent to be filmed. This can be found in our legalities article and can be a big risk, especially if it’s an indoor security camera and it catches nudity or acts that may be intimate.

In most states, it is legal for homeowners to install a security camera in their houses. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if your home is considered a business or professional office.


Hiding a security camera is not always a difficult task. There are many ways to hide security cameras, and the easiest and most effective way is by making sure that they blend in with the surrounding.

Some methods of hiding a security camera include putting it under a desk or table, using reflective materials to disguise the camera’s location, and changing the lens angle so that it is not pointed directly at an intruder.

(1) USB port –
(2) bird feeders –

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